How do you feel while you are out of your body?

I was wondering about the nature of sensations when you are out of your body(astral projection or soul travel)
Do you feel like in the physical plane,I mean if you was flying would you feel the same flying sensations in the physical form or just a dream?


It depends on the level of consciousness.
Somebody it’s more realistic than reality itself, other times it’s just a dream.


It feels very subtle.

For me - It’s hard to walk like you do in the physical plane;You must WILL yourself to walk and move your body which was a bit challenging for a novice like me. Flying is much easier but i haven’t done that “on my own accord” yet.

Whenever i am in the Astral, I find it “hard” to move or fly - But i am able to easily WILL my “hand” to move and touch something

At first, You will hear your own vibrations loud and clear - Like a buzzing bee in a radio static frequency;it would “feel too much” that it “could” scare you back to your body but as time goes on you will get used to your own “vibrations” and you will even be able to increase or decrease its frequencies as you deem fit.

And again,Something fun to do… When you are on the Astral - Touch your head(hair), You will feel some kind of static electricity that would give you shivers.


Cool and amazing.i ame so excited to do it.thanks for sharing your opinion

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I just feel light. All my senses become basically just knowledge.


Depends how deep I am relaxed. The sense of the body merges with you astral senses, causing you to not be aware of your physical location. But it goes back and forth. Depends on how much energy you can free up to be a vehicle for consciousness.

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It’s like been in the physical form to me but the difference there is POWER. My thought is as sharp as a sword.

But for the movement, walking, flying…it’s perfect for me. I choose to walk when I want to with ease, and fly. At times i take on the form of Superman, his suit, one arm stretched out and flew. It’s awesome.

for me it´s like when you´re in a state of depersonalization, it takes a while to being used to it