How do you feel towards atheism and atheists?


My policy with atheists is the same with all forms of belief: I don’t care what your faith is, so long as you don’t shove it down my throat or be overall disrespectful.


Without the proper balance of the creative, intuitive feminine energy, where does that leave them as far as magic goes?

It leaves them disempowered.

I’m not talking about conscious magicians, i’m talking about the person that is too “logical” to believe in magic. Logic is masculine.


They can be dishonest in that way putting us in clusters with animals. But that’s the only way to reconcile their world view with why we share so much similarities with animals without giving credit to intelligent design.

My biggest beef with evolutionists is when they stretch the theory and science beyond natural selection; the parts about humans and animals sharing common ancestors, speciation–that whole spiel. A lot doesn’t add up. And we’re supposed to just believe it because they’re the “experts.” I actually believe in both intelligent design and evolution.


I guess I dislike atheism because I was an atheist for a half a year in my teens. I read some Bertrand Russell books off my dad’s bookshelf and then though I could just discard the Catholic Church and bible because I could just believe his anti religious, anti mystical philosophy. I didn’t really think it through too well as a young naive teenager, thinking some egotistical guy who wrote a philosophy book was somehow better than a bible thousands of years old with a tried and tested value system.
The problem I encountered was this, if life is suffering, then why put up with it anymore? There isn’t supposed to be life after death, so there just didn’t seem to be a reason to put up with stuff and it wasn’t like I could change anything. Then I came to the realization that I didn’t want to cease to exist and become nothing.
I decided belief systems aren’t about what is “true” because who can really determine that any way, belief systems should be judged not by some kind of objective standard of truth, but rather the benefit or detriment they bring to a person’s life.
I don’t really have any special dislike towards atheists, except that evangelistic materialist atheism is annoying and doesn’t help me get into a magical mindset. I’m glad it more or less isn’t cool anymore, probably because atheism doesn’t have any real depth as a philosophy or a way to live ones life.


I feel atheism isn’t the problem. It’s some atheists.


I really dislike atheism and feel its void of any sort of intelligence. One of the best people I know is an atheist and its always worked its way under my skin. For someone so generous and full of valor I just don’t understand how you can see or feel or believe in nothing. Mind you this is a very intelligent and well rounded person who accepts everyone and everything and I know his career had alot to do with forming his beliefs. As much as I value him I can’t understand his satisfaction in day to day life just going through the motions and not having a longing for something greater and hidden.

Atheists are big on science but magick in and of itself is scientific. This is why psychology plays a huge role in magick as well. To completely disregard that in my opinion is choosing to be ignorant.


As someone who blatantly hated christianity growing up, my only option was to become atheist and deny my paranormal experiences. They stopped so i chalked it up to imagination.

Then i turned 18 and it all came rushing back.

My opinion on atheists is that it depends on where they are from.
Many people who were born with a connection to the old gods inherently grow to hate christianity. In a christian area, this turns into atheism. Until they find their proper religion.
I have met atheists that try to explain poltergheist phenomena as “my latent telekinetic powers” because of all the new age stuff. Or some who admit “i cant explain that” but still deny the possibility of entities, gods, and spirits.


I think Athiests should have something similar to a Church… Such as a Comedy Club for Athiesm.


I am a unconventional atheist. I know that gods devils angels demons non human spirits exist I choose not to interact with them. I believe that because they need humans to believe/interact with them to exist they are inferior to us and should not be revered so highly. We created them therefore we are the superior beings.


Consider Atheism as a path to be worked like any other. I consider myself to be an Atheist even though I currently accept Athena as my personal god. I am also a Methodist Christian when I feel like it. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. I’ve fought, suffered, and sacrificed for each of these paths. I don’t belong to my faith, it belongs to me.

Also, taking the Atheist position doesn’t have anything to do with proper arcane magic the way I see it. After all, how do the gods and demons do what they do? Do they set up altars and worship each other in order to make things happen? If you evoke Belial, and he decides to help you, does he go evoke another demon to get the job done? Of course not.

Is God an Atheist? Seriously. Contemplate that for a second.


How do you know gods don’t worship each other and that Belial doesn’t go and evoke another demon?
Also, God is not an Athiest, because then god would not believe in his/her self.


If one entity must evoke another entity to accomplish a magical feat, then what does the second entity do? Does it evoke a third who evokes a fourth and so on? At some point, there must be a way of accomplishing a magical feat without asking something else to do it. Evoking a demon for magic is like hiring a mechanic to fix a car. They could hire a second mechanic who hires a third but eventually, someone has to grab some tools and do the work.

If God believes in a higher god than himself, a creator who transcends his reality and ours, then he isn’t God. His god would be God and he would be a limited creation like everything else. God must be an Atheist or he isn’t God.

Then again, there isn’t really any way for God to know for sure that there is no GodGod. While we’re at it, GodGod can’t be sure that there is no GodGodGod, or GodGodGodGod and so on.

Since God is supposed to be omniscient, but cannot know if his reality is transcended by a higher god, God is not God.

If God himself is not God, then there is no God.

Of course, that’s monotheistic muggle God. If you use the word god as in ‘An incredibly wise and powerful being that deserves respect’ then yeah. Those are everywhere.


Because I have seen him work before.

Most of the time he is “fuck it I can do it like that” and just gets it done. On much bigger projects…sometimes he will “direct” others for extra help. Keep in mind he is ALWAYS directing controlling. If they are doing their own thing with no accountability then they would not be on the team. He always has all bases covered at all times. Then sometimes he just has ALOT OF FUN taking on big projects by himself. Ive seen him move fast with a furious excitement as if it makes him very happy.

As for the other comment, sometimes magick can do alot of the work. But doing magick itself is work.


I’m not an evolutionist because inter alia I lack the faith required.
Atheists make great victims as they have nowhere to turn. They know that something weird is happening but they can’t stop it because they don’t believe in ‘that stuff’.



I dont consider athiests lesser. Just a different form of intelligence and welcome them. The worlds a much more interesting place when there are many different flavors of intelligence and consciousness/awareness.


I don’t have much opinion on them, but my wife does.

"I don’t mind atheists, but they are a very closed off group of people in my opinion, they feed into the humanity is he only thing that really matters kind of thing, I’ve heard them say that “humanity is very meaningless” but they don’t seem to act that way, I think that since that they say God isn’t real and all the other deity’s are also not real and only believe in what’s on their own plane makes them more prideful of humanity some don’t show this but that’s because it’s not at the forefront of their mind.

I love humans but the only problem your race has is thinking you are the most important one and I think atheism feeds into that at least it can, Atheists are generally scientific people and would rather have things explainable but truth is not everything has a reason if an atheist could see what’s on my plane they would freak out.

I can’t even explain most of everything because some things don’t have one. A common question by them is “how could one being create us out of nothing” the answer to that is I don’t even have an idea of how that works but it happened and it happens, I don’t hate atheists I feel they just have to learn that not everything can just be explained, As long as they live their lives and do their own thing fine by me most of them do that anyways" -My Wife


Void is not a god. Light is not a god. Chaos is not a god. Elements and forces beyond mundane perception are not gods.

Keep your wargear on when you go to meet your god.
Trust me.
I’ve met a few false ones.


well, why blame on skepticism? Occult though works and in many ways similar to science was completely hidden even just few decades ago and as things are progressing may be it will become mainstream within few decade just as meditation and yoga has but till then one can’t blame atheists for not believing something which isn’t mainstream yet, or not going into something hidden-occult.

Many get that intellectual mysticism thing from arts or just trying to solve some math theorem.

But there are some James Randi type also who runs shop of skepticism and can be even deceitful and lying just to make sure his business keeps running smoothly.