How do you feel towards atheism and atheists?


Atheism, nothing. Atheists, quite a bit. Some of them tend to lump all religions, not just majority ones, together and assume there’s something cult like about them. Weirdly enough, most are okay with mainstream religions, but get scared when they find out someone practices magick of which they don’t believe in.

Regarding science, they treat it like Christians treat the bible. As if science is this set concept that never changes. They know how reality works because science tells them. No, that’s not how it works. Science explores possibilities of the unknown and things we do not understand. How hard is that to get? And in fact, many of the things science discovers, ancient societies and magicians already knew. Atheists act like science knows everything because earlier cultures were stupid and superstitious.

Not to mention, even if atheists don’t believe in the Christian god, they still have a watered down Christian dominated mentality. They don’t even challenge it. Many still have aversions towards sex and lgbt. They can still get scared by witches and warlocks. They still can be prejudice towards people they don’t understand. They can still be swayed by cuddly images. And they can still have this traditionalist mentality. Yes, not all athiests are like that, but many still are.


To be honest I find some of them to be rather ignorant. They mock Religious people and criticize their beliefs.

So the other day I had a picture of Jesus on my status and this Atheist girl told me to fuck off from her contact list and blocked me.

At least Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in something. Still, to each their own, I respect their beliefs.


Maybe they think the lgbt will rape them in some domo chamber by hundreds of sex-crazed people. Dunno.


My thoughts and experiences with Athiests:

They are not the types to really care enough to go on Witch Hunts over your belief system. I would say they are in fact safe regarding that as long as you are a down to Earth ok person.

If in the chances one does find out your practice…this varies some will make fun of you, some will not even care. The ones that go beyond any of this are most likely the psychopaths or people with mental problems or just plain asshole bitch types (mental problems basically), which in this case is perfectly acceptable to deal with them using any means necessary.


As long as they’re respectful and not trying to convert people or make people feel stupid for their beliefs tjen theyre ok with me. I had an atheist friend a long time ago. And I used to debate atheists long ago when I would frequent Christian forums. They were always there criticizing and mocking people. Militant atheists are the worst. But most just don’t believe in anything other than the empirical and they get on with their lives and I can respect that. Just like I learned not everyone is going to believe in God and envagelicalism is foolishness. Conversion comes from within and no amount of fear mongering or inspirational anecdotes will change that. And that’s the same for all belief systems and ideologies.


I thought this kind of militant atheism was dying out along with post-modernism. It was cool for a short while but most skeptics and non-believers with some sense now seem to lean more toward a more tolerant, agnostic-atheism.

The gunho “burn every Christian alive” stuff is for the kids who just discovered Dawkins, Hitchens and Zeitgeist films. Be patient with them. They’re still afraid of this mad, twisted world.


I read a bit of Dawkins and watched him speak in a video. He seems a bit full of himself.


Thing is I have no interest in sharing my magickal or spiritual practice with them. When Im around them I act like a normal person and have a good time doing it. I do the spiritual and magickal thing seperate. Its easy to deal:

“Dont shit where you eat.”


IMO as long as the atheist isn’t trying to be a bully because people believe in something. They are ok, I am an atheist and I let people believe in what they want to because it is their choice, not mine.

But me being atheist is more like I don’t align with other religions because magick has opened new beliefs for me personally.


That is how magick should be seen by atheists.


My issue with anyone’s beliefs is about what they do in the name of their own beliefs and how that affects others.




Yeah he can be super dogmatic with his “evolutionary biology” rhetoric. However, he lightens up when anyone a little bright can articulate how he’s full of shit.

It’s probably better that way. But boy do I wish someone would’ve schooled me onto some magick when I was a militant atheist. That lasted only for about a summer though because I kept having out of body experiences.


I wish I picked it up sooner magick has made me look at life differently, ultimately making me believe in something people think is far fetched.

That is why I don’t share my magick experiences with anyone other than people who already do it or believe in it.


They tend to have horrible personalities. Particularly the ones who aren’t employed in the sciences. And by atheists I’m not including people who believe all entities are egregores or whatever.

However, without them all forms of magick wouldn’t be legal for the first time in known history.


This is to mean that just because you no longer choose to believe in the Christian god doesn’t by its self change the fact you still have the same mental programming of one who does. That’s something you change over time. You’ll have to question everything you once believed, everything you once thought, everything you once felt. And that goes for more than whether or not there is a god, but everything. People, government, race, sex, class, marriage, everything. Most atheists (and some Wiccans) aren’t willing to do that.


Basically this. I guess everyone that’s posted their ideas and opinions sums it up. They are best avoided.


Most atheist are ok. Those who make a big deal out of their atheism tend to be arrogant douchebags


This is the complete summary.


I don’t personally like atheists because they have been hateful as hell in the past towards anyone with different beliefs and somehow think they’re superior to bigoted christians.