How do you feel after a curse, before the result is known?

For those that are experienced in cursing and in a situation without the use of visible or personal/social media connections as a means to verify results, does the way that you feel in the days following the curse give you any indication of results?

Here’s the reason I ask:
I won’t be seeing these people for a while and I have no social media connections to them or mutual personal connections.

Plenty of times in the past I have felt like dropping a curse on someone but not gone through it for various reasons. Until recently that is.

I am now temporarily living in a different county to my target/s who deserve every bit of the baneful that I choose and for the time being, because I won’t be in the same vicinity as them for a while I won’t be able to see the effects of the curses I have sent them.

In my situation there are no personal contacts or social media connections to help verify the results.

So I would like to ask you all, before you could see that your curse was successful, what was your emotional state in the days following the curse and before knowing the result, and has that emotional state been a reliable indication for other workings?

For my situation I have decided to take these people apart bit by bit and make their sufferings as long and hurtful as I see fit. After each of my workings I have felt immense calm and satisfaction as opposed to the feelings of anger before each ritual. A sense of balance being restored to my life and then the ability to concentrate again on the other things of life.

So what are your views on associated feelings with successful curses? Have you felt better after cursing and then seen your success or have you felt worse before a success was revealed?

I’ve never had the experience you speak of. The universe usually makes me aware of the result at some point. These situations are actually when my magic works best because, knowing that there’s no way of knowing the result, it’s easier to let go and trust. After awhile, though, it seems like I always find out.


generally, I tend to feel better and the individual slips my mind entirely, as they are “dead” to my awareness after I curse


I have to agree with Wilson. I rarely curse, but when Im doing one, in my mind I visualize exactly what I want to happen as well as speaking it out loud, and when I’m finished I consider it done, and I don’t think about the person any more as if they’re dead to me. I don’t lust for results, to me it already was successful, and they don’t enter my mind.


I’ve only done it once, and I felt utterly satisfied before even seeing results.
I have started to see some small signs of manifestation, and they are very exciting.
However, nothing compares to the satisfaction of having gone through with the curse and knowing that the person who wronged me has something in store for them… :slight_smile:

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