How do you feed the Shadow Self on a stormy day? [for Kurtis Joseph]

It’s a really stormy day here. I couldn’t see the sun at dawn. And I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see it at sunset.

What do you when that happens? Can you feed your Shadow Self in another way?

If it’s the in BMOA and I just haven’t got that far, just tell me where to find it and I’ll look it up. I’m trying to work through the Black Book as it unfolds before me.


Just because the clouds hide the sun from you doesn’t mean the sun is gone. Drag the energy down through the cloud cover. If it helps, you can even use the time of day and your planetary location to face the sun you can’t see.

I do a LOT of work with stars, and I have to use this technique often. Asking for the star’s assistance goes over well and makes the dragging much easier

I know this question was directed at Mr Joseph, but I had an answer too, so I interjected


Thanks, @Anastasiya. I always appreciate your insight.

In my other magickal workings, I’ve often just breathed in the energy I wanted, imagining it if I couldn’t actually bask in the energy itself. And it worked.

But I’m re-thinking my approach to almost everything now, because this Ahrimanic current is so different and some of it is counter-intuitive. I guess that makes sense with it’s focus on counter-creation. lol

Again, thanks for your help. Always appreciate you.


What is a shadow self?


Just gaze at the sun. No cloud cover is going to stop the effectiveness.


The stormy days are always welcome. It is a powerful time to obtain gnosis regarding this current. Just about every time I made a breakthrough regarding BMOA it began to thunderstorm. It is a physical manifestation of Zohak himself. When it storms I have learned to pay attention as they seem to vehicles of power and gnosis as you walk the path. It is an interesting dynamic. They seem to be omens for the Zanda while they are mere “storms” to everyone else.