How do you etheric project?

I tried to find information online about it but there is hardly anything on how to do it.

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The same way you would astral project or physical project, you’re simply changing the focus of where you want to go. All projection is the same in terms of the method, the only difference is the location, physical projection is a general OOBE where you’re on the energetic layer of our physical plane, Astral projection you’re on the astral/mental-esque plane, and etheric you’re focus is on the etheric/spiritual plane. There’s no special difference between methods besides that simple focus.


So I basically have to think of the etheric plane and I’ll be there?

Something like that, yes…just as when you project to the astral you send your consciousness fully or partially to the astral plane, but in this case when you’re out you send it to the etheric plane. It’s akin to focal points you’re using your current location to send yourself to the location in the etheric or astral that aligns with it.

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How can I tell I’m in etheric versus the astral?

In the astral you can meet a plethora of thoughtforms, you can manifest desires, fears, and so much more on a whim, you and basically anyone can manipulate the environment within the astral to some greater or lesser degree. The etheric you can’t do any of that, and you’ll never meet a thoughtform as they can’t really exist outside of the astral besides through manipulation of perception the beings you’ll meet are “real” in the sense they aren’t thoughtforms but beings with jobs, lives, families, and so forth.


Can you get to the ethereal from sleep paralysis?

If I wanted to meet someone who died, do I simply think of being with them to meet them or is that not how it works?

Yes, sleep paralysis can be used to project if the person doesn’t freak out when they get into it.

As for someone who has died, I can’t tell you, their belief system plays an important role in what happens to them after death, if they don’t have one they could even breeze past and reincarnate elsewhere, or wander the etheric or another plane.

To go to a person you’d need a focal point, focal points are like fingerprints, everything you touch, every word you type, everything you write, or even every place you have been leaves a fingerprint/focal point that allows you to project to that place, or in this case allows you to be scanned by someone.

If you dont have a person’s energy signature which acts as a focal point to them you’re unlikely to find them and if they’re reincarnated they could be anywhere in creation.


So if I printed out some of their writings then could be an energy signature? Then I would hold it as I project or something?

They believed they would go back home so I would think of that.

If their energy signature is still on the writing yes, do you know how to scan? because holding an object doesnt mean you hold their energy signature. An energy signature is an energetic fingerprint.

I would basically print out a writing from online, it’s pretty emotional so.
And I have no idea how to energy scan. But I get how it can be to detect the feelings of that energy.

I dont really believe in the multiple bodies, when I project it’s just one body and different projections adjusting to the density of each plane it goes to. So, in my own experience it’s the same body they use to astral project, etheric project and so forth. The energy body.

I meant “which plane”, not body; since you made the distinction earlier between OOBEs. I had no idea they were different. I thought it was all the astral plane.

To spy on people here? the physical plane, there’s just an energetic layer to it, atleast that’s what I’ve come to call it.

Yeah some consider it all astral, but I like to distinguish it all since they vary in density, plus I have a different view on what the astral is.

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