How Do You Escape The Comfort Zone

This is a lesson i’m learning and i’d like suggestions because i want to successfully learn what is needed of me yet idk what everything i could do to be considered reaching out of my comfort zone. i’m home bound and have a new job i will attend i know the job is 1 moving out is 2 but what’s left?


That’s really for you to say. What do you need to learn and develop for yourself, but you find you avoid doing it for some reason, like it’s difficult or you fear failing or it takes too long, but would be worth it?


good words. thanks. it helps me put it into perspective and reflection.

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Usually, pretty much always, if I listen to what magick is trying to tell me, I end up in a good place where I feel challenged in my life and my practice, doing things that are beneficial and suited to where I am in my personal development.

It’s sort of like asking for the chef’s recommendation. I know I want something, or have a feeling I want to look into, or a situation I want to change, and then I bring that to the chef that is magick and magick brings me back a dish that hits all the right notes and gives me what I want while pushing me forward and making me something better, something more than I was before.

I value my own judgement quite highly, and am often skeptical of the opinions of others, but if magick gives me repeated signs and omens, over and again, there’s tended to be something there when I looked into it. If I never opened myself to that guidance, then I’d never have been guided, and who the fuck knows where I’d be right now.