How do you enter a Square?

How do you enter a Square? like travel through them?

Are you talking about a square like from the Book of Abramelin the Mage?

Often carrying the square will bring many of the effects but to go further you flash it like a sigil.

The difference comes in having pencil/ pen or recorder ready to make notes of characters, number and symbols and the order in which they flash brightest and seeming spell out something.

That “word” directly relates to what you are asking or wanting of the working.

It may be an entity’s name or word of power.


i understand that part but i reading a review of EA’s Kingdom of flames and he talks about entering a square and traveling through them.

First you will to have basic soul travel down pat.

Then you project into the square imagining it were floating in the air like smoke.


So to use the square, we just have to carry it on the body?

What are different methods to use the squares?

charge it, with you eyes, hands, pendulum, orgasm, fire energy, whatever :slight_smile:


I heard for the first time that pendulum can be used to charge a sigil/square.

How to use a pendulum to charge a sigil/square?

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use a pendulum that is recepting AND emitting energy. Thoth pendulum for example.

ground yourself , and ask the pendulum to charge the square/ talisman/ candle/ water/incense with XYZ intention
it will start on it’s own clockwise and stop when it’s done
ask it to remove XYZ it will start on it’s own counterclockwise
be sure of the polarity of the pendulum.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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thanks do you have any practical way to soul travel?

Be aware that the squares of Kingdoms of Flame are NOT the same as those of the Abremelin squares. The Abremelin squares are designed to call multiple spirits to accomplish something in the material plane whereas the squares from Kingdoms of Flames take you to the astral kingdoms, in a way similar to the elemental tatwas.


yes i understand that i was lost on the entering them part .
would trying to contacting Thalos be smart?

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does any one know of a basic induction to soul travel? i have trance work down.

any basic steps?

EA in an article wrote to “exit” with an exhale while in trance state. Prior to this it may be useful to do some cycles of the Fourfold Breath, concentrate on top and center of the head, and on a candle’s flame in the darkness (or as he suggested, look the corner between wall and ceiling, then pull back the vision).

thanks i know how to get in to trance and get the square to flash but how does some one go through it?

Imagine the square larger and larger until it is the size of a doorway, and then push your awareness through it.

Look up information on the elemental tattwas. The technique to enter them is the same one that can be used for entering a magical square.

You can find the information in EA’s Questing After Visions, as well as Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos. It is also probably on the internet somewhere so some Googlemancy may help.


i have read Konstantinos book but do you say the name of the gate after you visualize the square the size of a door because with the tattwas have words you say.

You can if you want to, but the words you say with the tattwa exercise are mainly to activate the element within yourself so you can enter the proper realm.

The squares don’t require activating a specific energy within the self so, in my opinion, you just have to enter trance, enlarge the square, and push into it.

Depending on what square you are using, you could say something simple, like “take me to the Second Kingdom of Flames,” or wherever you are trying to go.


ok i understand. the push in to it yeah that’s where iam now but that’s was a bit confusing.

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