How do you do Norse necromancy?

How would you know what goddess was which?

I am familiar with necromancy from a traditional satanist perspective, but does anyone have a basic ritual or rite to start working on necromancy from a Norse perspective(in particular with Hel) ? I am kinda of at a dead end with it and it upsets me. I tried working on it traditionally but obviously there is not a lot of traditional sources. I even remember reading a paper(A Road to Hel I think) where necromancy wasn’t really even a thing at the times.

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Right… what does Norse necromancy amount to? The practice and goal? If it is similar to traditional necromancy than it is hardly worth saying Norse necromancy

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Depends how toy define necromancy to be honest? According to Dante abiel you aren´t really a necromancer if you work with spirits of the underworld. The consept changes according to the person who connects with the kind of energy. To each their ownn I suppose. Here is a method for you to call upon Hela: Go to a crossroad and call upon Hela. the rest depends upon what you have learned from evoking and ritual magick. Hela governs the underworld. If you want another perspective to it though, in addition to working Hela and with the spirits of the underworld I also call upon spirits that I have gathered from cemeteries, into the ritual.

My evoking is a little rusty lol. To me, necromancy is just the conjuration of human spirits and if you are talking about gods or other non human spirits, that’s just conjuring.

I suppose regardless of how you define necromancy, during workings with Hela you are expected to work with the spirits of the underworld. I say expected because there is no other way to experience the the full spectrum of what Hela governs. The spirits of the underworld are called through Hela. My recommendation is that you take a pendulum, some silver coins, some offering to Hela, and your conjuration equipment whatever they may be. The pendulum helps you communicate with spirits alike.