How do you do Norse necromancy?

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work with Hela or Odin. I´ve worked with Hela and Odin in necromantic rituals.I´m not sure if Loki or his decendants are okay with necromancy but I know Hela and Odin are.

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Both I work with

A Hela is one of Loki descendants the rest would not be good

I don´t know about that, I´ve done necromancy with the other lokis decendants. Byt then again, I do have a spirit housing for a shade who I call upon into every ritual like that.

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Through Hela you could call upon the spirits of the underworld

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Although Hela will gladly help you, be sure you treat the Dead in her realm with the utmost respect.

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Hi am sorry for just jumping in! Just felt like I had to say, consult the 3 norns first…

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thanks for the info

It amusses me that Hel more times now is called Hela which probobly got more to do with Marvels Thor movies.
Is Hel actually refered to as Hela in litteratur that is in english?
In Norse mythology the dead are sorted in 2 categories, those that are picked by Valkyries as brave warriors goes to Asgard, divided 50/50 between Oden and Freja. Those that dies by old age or as it was named ”sotdöden” or are basicly not demade worthy goes the Hel.
So in that sense most death would be attributed to Hel so perhaps it would depend on what sort of dead you wanna work.
Clearly Hel got the masses, but the most ”worthy” goes to asgard.

No worries, I myself have recently, found that hela, is the goddess that I have an infinity with, from childhood. Santa muerte, is an other aspect, of the goddess…


Begin with working with your ancestors.


I would recommend starting closer to home than Hel (though I have found her very amenable to work with, I have also found she really doesn’t care about Midgardian affairs). The alfar and dis are closest to you, and have a vested interest in your well being, even if you don’t realize it. They should be easy to contact.

Is this the kind of advice you are looking for, or are you looking for more of a how-to, ritual direction kind of thing?

Asgard get the warriors, true.

I prefer Helheim, no appearances to keep up. No offence to them, just preference.

I first met her, I asked her if she was Santa Muerte, she merely chuckled and said no.

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I didnt mean anything condecendant only describing it through the lore.
Helheim gets all sorts of ppl so nu judgement on ppl there either

Nothing but respect, no offense was taken, nor was any inferred.


The two goddess are so similar tho…

I know, right? That’s why I asked!

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