How do you discern whether or not you are cursed?

What are signs of crossed conditions?

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Kinda depends on the curse. Sudden bad health, nothing going your way, bad nightmares, dropping dead


What about every ritual you perform seemingly pushing your result away when it could have quite easily happened on its own without Magick?

Possible I suppose, though the curses I’ve personally heard of are at least a little bit more direct. I think its more likely you(or whoever this is happening to) either pissed of a spirit or just mundane bad luck with no greater cause

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dropping dead



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Have you pissed off a practitioner?

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you got me at “dropping dead” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Indirectly, quite possibly. A good friend of mine has been having a bad month or two and made some genuinely stupid decisions. He’s the kind of guy who takes out personal loans to buy a new sound and light system for his $12,000 Blazer he can’t afford in the first place and scrambles to find how to pay rent.

Before I knew how irresponsible he is with money (he currently sleeps in his car) I was telling him that if my company took off I’d get him a great paying job. We started process of aquasition back in October and even though he manages a fast food restaurant (and may have knocked up one of his employees) he doesn’t understand that this kind of thing takes months for cash to start rolling in. I still haven’t taken a consistent check yet and he knows this.

Our friendship turned into “where’s my life saving job man?” Every time I’d see him. He stopped talking to me even though I invited him over for Thanksgiving. Wasn’t interested and spent the day alone. He’s a wiccan who is all about the “3x law” so I’m not sure if he’d even curse me. I don’t know though. Strange guy, I care about him I just don’t want him responsible for my assets…

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I would say if he values his belief and the Rule of 3 is huge to him, he would fear the ramifications. Has he ever spoken to you about cursing others in the past? More importantly, what has been happening to you for you to suspect this? Magickal duds aside. Anything else happening in your mundane life?

He hasn’t spoken of it before but he strongly identifies as a Scorpio and has a strange power trip complex.

I’ve lost my mojo, 7 of the girls I’ve been dating are either in relationships now or ghosted, (the one I knew was inevitable in my love life kept getting pushed away and using blood Magick manifested my result for someone else and I found out within minutes), my brakes went out on the freeway, I’ve been sick, OCD symptoms have been worse, far less motivation, sleeping is tough and unfulfilling when it happens, even casting spells is difficult for some reason

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Since you do seem to have some potential crossed conditions, I would recommend cleansing your house through smudging the corners of your house with burning sage. I had started a post about all of my conditions and was given a lot of helpful advice. Check out the topic "A hard time in my life or cursed again… I think that is the topic.

Edit: Added a shout out to you from the post

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Thank you!

You are welcome. I hope it helps to bring you some relief.


Divination, asking others to read your aura for you, there’s also various spells to employ in order to check


I second @Aluriel You would do good to set up a reversal, cleansing, and a protection. Simon’s Necronomicon has all that you need.


I’ll read into it for sure. I appreciate the signpost