How Do You Define 'Ascent'? What Does The Left-Hand Path Mean To You?

Thanks for clarifying.

[quote=“savodonger, post:8, topic:6944”]I believe that we can learn and ascend in this life and then go on to climb further after death as there are many levels to this. It seems to be the nature of us to progress in a continued form somehow. I really think death is not so much the end, but a transformation or metamorphosis, which clearly suggests, and falls into alignment with the nature of spirit and energy in general.

The world appears to have currents and patterns that tend to follow one another and many signals I’ve picked up on through the years tend to point to these ideas.[/quote]

This has been my gut feeling for many years now, that there is more- that the journey continues after death. I hope that at some point in my life I will be able to comprehend this and have an answer to the question ‘what’s next?’. I do feel that process of ascent is somehow linked with the evolution of consciousness, yet how exactly, I don’t know.

To rise to our fullest potentials as human beings. To push past the boundaries of what humans supposedly cannot do, and push past the normal confines that the rest of society adheres to. It’s about not giving into restrictions and limitations. Human bodies are still bound by limitations to a certain degree. I mean, if we start waving our arms erratically we will not begin to lift up off of the ground and fly, those types of limitations we are all bound by.

But I mean not adhering to religious stigma and books telling us if we do A, B, or C we are damned to hell and will be punished and if we don’t do D, E, F we will also be punished, and if after all the psychological programming as adults we believe that yes we can do A, B, and C and not be punished and no we are not required to do D, E And F and we refuse to, not falling victim to those around us calling us insane and trying to shove medications down our throats.

Ascent is not just about rising above the limitations put forth by society, governments, and religions, but rising above the limitations you have convinced yourself since birth (due to constant pushing and convincing by the mundanes) that you have. Proving to yourself that magic is real and that the human mind is not limited to slavery and obedience, and seeing that there is nothing wrong with going agains the majority and trying to claim what has been rightfully yours since birth, and that is true freedom and the use of magick.

We all know that most of society only dimisses magick as fake because they either fear it because of their religious beliefs, or because they know it’s real and know that it works and are afraid that if we all unlock our abilities we will use them to get around the rules and restrictions they have set forth. Ascension is not just moving up the ladder and going from beginner to intermediate, to advanced, and then to master magician. It’s rising above all. Rising above every challenge that comes your way, rising above society, rising above laws and religion, rising above your own limitations and pushing yourself to succeed.

Only when you are able to admit that humans are flawed and that we do have limitations, can you truly start to figure out a way around those limitations. You have to first admit that you are flawed and imperfect but then tell yourself, society says I can never be perfect and religion says that humans are not meant to be perfect because the only thing that is perfect is god, they only tell you that so you will not try to unlock your fullest potential, so you will think that your fullest potential is either not plausible or is a sin because it means you are comparing yourself to Jesus and his father.

It’s about realizing that everyone has the right to become a god in their own way. Obviously we have these abilities so if such powers and gifts were truly not meant to be in the hands of human beings, and if the ultimate creator god really existed, then we never would’ve been born with such abilities, but we were, so unlocking them is not a crime, not a sin, not something to feel afraid of or ashamed over. We were given these abilities for a reason and if religion were true and only god ahould have these powers then by now, that god would’ve shown himself and used his powerful mind mojo to lock our brains so we couldn’t access our powers no matter how hard we try, and that’s not the case at all.

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Well it means many things, but I will not even use the word Ascescion. Rather I will use the term Descescion. There is an understanding in not just understanding the process of Ascending but also Descending. Many want to Ascend. Not me; I prefer to exist in an evolving descended state of Being. LHP is actually more oriented towards descension, even though it has elements of ascescion.

My ideas which are not everything in Descescion is, but to expand on it

  • Mastery over the powers of Bondage.
  • realizing that even a bound form is Free to Evolve and change. One doesnt try to get rid of demons, but rather one transforms ones shadow and so isnt truly bound in the sense that they think a binding is . all things in this world and many worlds encapsulates Mastery over ones form and the form around one.m. which is Mastering the Bindings…hence Bindage…which leads onto alot of other things.

Yeah Ascescion is great and it exists. Thats why churches and new age movements are still in play to send many on a Holy Grail Fools quest…like say on a 747 around the world to preach Jesus’s name so that the sacrifices fills The Head Priests coffers and baskets full of alot of money. I know you didnt mean that with Ascescion, but there is a certain Understanding of the elements to go with ascescion and how they play into descescion. For that reason I will only commit to Descescion and while completely dumping anything associated with the various agendas with Ascescion.

Yep, exactly. This is very much a motivating factor for me. I want more than the average person- I don’t necessarily just mean just the material stuff like money etc, but experiences. I refuse to settle for a mediocre life!

Ascent is not just about rising above the limitations put forth by society, governments, and religions, but rising above the limitations you have convinced yourself since birth (due to constant pushing and convincing by the mundanes) that you have. Proving to yourself that magic is real and that the human mind is not limited to slavery and obedience, and seeing that there is nothing wrong with going agains the majority and trying to claim what has been rightfully yours since birth, and that is true freedom and the use of magick.

Yep, agreed. Inspiring words :slight_smile:

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So would you say that descension is concerned with ‘embracing the material’ so to speak, while ascension involves the quest for higher meaning? Or have i completely misunderstood lol?

To be able to command changes in reality as easily as I can change circumstances in a daydream.

Lots of other stuff about improving myself, but that’s the goal, the end-game for me.

I believe this is possible and believe that on some occasions I have, briefly, been able to do this.

Thanks for your response Lady Eva.

Yes I remember that you often state your goal as ‘commanding the powers of a goddess within your lifetime’, but I know you have also quoted Flowers’ definition of the LHP- how do you personally interpret his definition, if you don’t mind me asking? All that stuff about the eternal separation of the individual consciousness- what do you make of that?

I see it as my consciousness becoming the ruling and defining factor in What Is - perhaps just within MY cosmos, and ideally within a reality that’s shared/somewhat overlapping with beings I feel a harmony with.

In the former ages, we had humans handing their godlike powers to a middle-eastern troll god who had conned them into believing that it was THE god - they adhered to its ethics and rules, feared its wrath, and generally entered into soul-slavery to it, which (since reality will give you what you most believe to be true) gave it power to then dictate a lot of things.

I have no desire to push most other gods out of my reality, such as my lovely Hathor, and many others, nor to try and keep other magicians on this path down, or out of my reality, so in that respect Flowers’ description of isolate consciousness isn’t strictly what i want, but I do with to be the controlling factor in my own sphere, so it’s a bit of an (apparent) paradox.

Thanks for shedding some light on that. It had been bugging me for SO long.

Yeah, the way you have described it makes sense. And I would say that that is pretty much similar to my goal (or one of them). Where we differ then, is my desire for transcendence of the physical.

I feel like I keep repeating myself and that I’m always banging on about these same issues, but it occurred to me that while everyone on here always talks about ascent etc, it is likely that we all mean slightly different things. It’s useful to know how everyone else defines these concepts so that we’re all on the same page on this.

Being that the word “ascent” implies an upward movement, in the context of “ascension to godhood” I translate the word as more of an “expansion” than an ascent; expansion into godhood. I’m not floating off anywhere, but I am expanding. It’s more akin to a “blooming” to me.

As the human organism has evolved from a lower form into what we are now, the collective consciousness that our meat suits collectively play host for is evolving also. What we call the human race will not always be human and will evolve into some new higher life form and so will our consciousness evolve into higher states with inherent new capabilities. This will likely mean new expanded senses we cannot humanly comprehend but will open up an entire new paradigm of sensory experience once this eternally evolving god thing we are all part of morphs into a higher state.

I believe some of us are on the tip of the evolutionary spear and some achieve this status through magick and some through other ways and some are simply born with it. Some of us are a bridge into what our descendants will eventually be, something more than who and what we are now and no longer even human but the next type of life form one rung up the evolutionary ladder. That’s when the race will have outgrown these childish Abrahamic religions and see them as the silly fairy tales that they are, illogical and irrational belief systems belonging to a lower life form from the past.

To use an “ascent” metaphor, those of us on the cutting edge are in the nose of the ascending rocket. The bottom part that burns off as we leave the atmosphere for space has to be dropped behind lest it pull the whole mechanism down. It served its purpose now it must go for us to move forward. That part that must burn away is the Abrahamic triad.

But to me the ascent is a blooming or expanding of consciousness along with a widening of the individual’s sensory spectrum that collectively brings with it new abilities that to the average person seem almost “godlike”.

That’s my UPG, anyhow.

I generally dislike the term ascent. It makes me feel that I am trying to improve myself spiritually or something. My goal is just to prosper monetarily and sexually until I die (which I would prefer would happen sooner rather than later).

I’m really not into definition of magical paths, because the spirits I work with - and have a relationship with - constantly challenge the BALG-definition of “black”, “white” and “grey” magic. Most people who works with the likes of “succubus” and “incubus” share similar confusion with people who work with different kind of spirits and entities.

Who wouldn’t be confused if the spirit or entity you work with, use several “paths” of magic based on the situation thrown at them? I wouldn’t call it “black magic”. I wouldn’t call it “white magic”. Even if it is something in between, “grey magic” doesn’t really fit in to the category either. My spirits just call it “magic”, because sometimes the separation of categories can be limiting. And by limitation of “chosen” paths, our definitions of magic will inevitable be challenged if the spirits or entities doesn’t agree by their own definitions.

Ascension, for me, is the acceptance of the changes internally, by spirit and soul.

@Iam Incide- that’s a great way of looking at it. I’m very much into the whole idea of the evolution of consciousness.

@Succupedia - Yeah, I hear you. I agree that it’s there’s no point assigning labels to things simply for the sake of it. The issue that I had was that everyone seems to throw around these terms (myself included), but it occurred to me that what I think of as ‘ascent’, might be drastically different to how someone else defines it, and this would inevitably lead to confusion and misunderstandings. This would then be a hindrance to actual practical progress.

For example, when EA talks about certain demons who can assist with ascent in Evoking Eternity, I want to understand what exactly that means, before deciding whether that aligns with my goals or not.

The main confusion for me was the whole issue of whether or not ascent is concerned with the ‘here and now’, or more about the attainment of a different state of existence in the afterlife. The definition of the LHP by Stephen Flowers that I quoted above was not quite clear on this distinction, and also people like MW Ford, when talking about the goals of Luciferianism, says things like ‘Luciferianism is about the ‘here and now’, but also about the spiritual’- not a direct quote btw, but something along those lines. It has never been quite clear to me what exactly is meant by these sort of statements.

Sorry to dig this old thread up but I was watching the matrix last night, a trilogy of films that fascinate and fixate me as they represent the controlling factors of earth, which is of cause exactly what the matrix is and the illusion it creates to try and keep us at bay. Now Eva, I was watching the scene in the first movie where Neo goes to see the oracle and there’s a young boy in the waiting room who can bend spoons?

He can perform this feat however because he’s woken up to the truth and he knows how to push his will over the physical world and he’s trying to teach Neo how to do it. The young boy says to him…

“do not try to bend the spoon as that’s impossible ~ instead, only try to realise the truth, there is no spoon, then you will see that it’s not the spoon that bends but only yourself”*

It is only when we totally change how we feel about something and how we think about it, will it then change in our external reality. This is very close to the Goddess principle (also quantum physics) and your intention of wanting to alter your surroundings at will. I truly feel that this could be a definite way of rising to that level of instant change, unless of cause time has to pass to build your requests through spiritual intervention as not everything can happen instantly.

I know the allegory of the matrix Eva, just like I know the true message behind the wizard of oz, which is a tale of our journey through life and how we manifest our realities, whereas the matrix reflects the machine we are held in and how to break out of it > hence one of the driving forces behind Black Magic and why many people turn to it is to break free and take control.

If you know the major arcana from the Tarot well enough, then you may notice that the fool and his dog were depicted as Dorothy in the film with her dog Toto…Judy Garland portrays the souls journey through life and her dog is our instinct, which leads us if we choose to listen to it, for the word dog spelled backwards is GOD!

*Sorry for this cryptic bullshit, I hope you understand this because It’s too difficult to put into words as each person has too grip it in their own way I suppose, not to mention apply it. I’m sure you will though as you have fine depth and articulation judging by your posts. I myself don’t use this, or have any desire to as I prefer to evoke and conjure. The whole process of manifestation is amazing to me though and has many sides to it.

God is essentially like the energetic power. When you get God spelled backwords to Dog one can then use the term “Devil Dog” because the devil is all about energy brought down to the level of Material Power. The political slant on this of course is that term is used for Marines, where what The Controlling SuperUsers of the Matrix are basically saying is that Gods/Devils are basically the New World Orders Guard Dogs (Fyi I am by no means a conspiracy theorist…I just noticed some symbolism).

When you bend yourself you bend other things around you. This is because there is a natural Give and Take of energies, subatomic particles, etc between all people. This falls in lines with Lines of Fate and Karma and the reasoning behind some ofnthe shamanick Death Rituals. Because in order to attain a new position (a new Title…and hence a new Presentation and Senatorship: Belial) Role in the Matrix, one essentially unwravels ones self of Entangled karma in order to Find or even to Engineer a new set of circumstances (this engineering of karma goes along with Building a new Body…i.e. Godform…so theres multiple facets to just being a God…it reflects the world around one). Because of this exchange of information at unseen levels in a sense yes you are bending the spoon. I would wager that ones ability to do greater feats of bending would be related to ones control of Psychokinetic Power exercised on those levels.

Well, except curiously enough there is no escape from the Matrix, that’s the point. The Architect says that the current Matrix is the sixth. The first matrix was a paradise, a utopian Eden; but it was rejected, humans couldn’t accept such a perfect existence. They found out in the second matrix that people would accept the matrix is they were given a choice, even subconsciously, so 99% of the people would accept the matrix and 1% would not accept the choice and they would be a part of those who do not accept the matrix.

When the Architect says to Neo that he, as the prime program, is the ONLY anomaly in an otherwise harmony of mathematical perfection. What does that mean for Zion and those supposedly outside the matrix? Neo is seen to have power in Zion: he techopathically shuts down the machines; when he loses his eyesight, he is still able to see auras and stuff. These are things that it doesn’t make sense for him to be able to do outside of the matrix.

Further, the direct connection between their “virtual” bodies in the matrix and their bodies in real life. If you die in the matrix you die in real life, why? If you suffer injury in the matrix, you start to literally produce blood, how? They’re all connected via mental consciousness, your brain doesn’t make you bleed. And, the granddaddy of them all, Neo restarted Trinity’s real heart by touching her virtual avatar’s heart. That doesn’t make sense, unless they are they share a physical link. Because both exist inside the matrix.

Also, the boy you speak of, “There is no spoon.” Later, in the third movie he sends Neo a present in Zion, and it’s a spoon. The message is clear, there is no spoon Neo. Zion is a part of the matrix, there is no Zion.

There is no escape from the matrix, and that’s the point the directors were trying to make. Even those who rebel and try to gain autonomy, are doing so from within the bounds of the matrix.

The only thing outside of the global matrix in reality is Outer Space…the many galaxies beyond.

ascension to me is the expansion of consciousness and the willingness to constantly seek power through knowledge.

many say its becoming a god, and thats correct, but more than that. its about finding your purpose, the mission you believe in most, and becoming that in your every action.

Ascent is reaching ones full potential even if it is infinite and the process is infinite, and LHP is the process.

[quote author=jboy link=topic=7296.msg77392#msg77392 date=1451886116]
I generally dislike the term ascent. It makes me feel that I am trying to improve myself spiritually or something. My goal is just to prosper monetarily and sexually until I die (which I would prefer would happen sooner rather than later).
Well slap me around and call me Susan! That’s Great! I love it! I say go for it. By all means experience that to the fullest! Find your pleasures my friend.