How Do You Deal With Severe NegativeThoughts?

So one thing I have really tried to put a ton of effort into is combating negative thoughts. And the thing is I’ve had them for a long time and apparently it’s a type of OCD. Like all I think about most of the time is murder and death and self degradation turned into a stand up comedy routine aimed at a pretend audience. Also whenever I think of doing action of any kind I think of how I can murder my way to success. Y’all have any spirits or methods in dealing with this? Ps I have done mediation, subliminal self, etc and it isn’t working well.


Journals. Transcend the initial jingle “no hope no hope”…into something you can work with. Also sounds better in phrasing and meditation. You are just the man I wanted to talk to. You are hank?


Soothing and focus lists as taught by Abraham Hicks. Being conscious of your thoughts, and actively choosing better-feeling thoughts. Combine that with Iophiel who can help you get into a state of appreciation, and subliminals/hypnosis/binaural beats/meditation. Do all of this daily. It takes time but it works very well.

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Just ignore them. Make believe that they’re some ugly ass kids that you never intended to have and visualize yourself on a lazy boy ignoring and neglecting them.

You can really get into it and beat the shit and piss out of those negative thoughts for pestering you and fucking with your alone time. Your fists are glowing with white light and positivity.

Just don’t kill them because no one wants to be happy all the time; but I bet those crummy thoughts will know not to fuck with you again.


Personally, practicality worked pretty well for me. In the past I used to fantasize about the act of slicing, but after trying out a bunch of different blades while cooking I realized that what I was dreaming about was physically impossible. Similarly, if you have enough “oh shit!” moments in regards to the aftermath of people dropping dead, a lot of the desire to just kill everyone that gets in your way tends to vanish. For me, the thoughts stemmed from the idea that violence would help solve my problems, but after sufficient investigation I came to the conclusion that (in most cases) it would only make them worse.

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I think the easiest way is to go out to a forest, park, lake, sea, or small pond. Just distract yourself with nature and animals. Nothing fancy. The purpose is to use these natural sources of negative ions to stimulate you and augment your emotions. Then just appreciate the vivid colours of nature, sound of the forest, sensation of a breeze, or the behaviour of an animal. Then just be grateful that you are not missing all these wonderful things and that there are plenty of happiness outside and no negative thoughts should rob you of these wonderful things.

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I get them too, drove me nuts at a stage, only thing that worked was to train meditation with a bunch of people at a Shambhala centre. But it boils down to not resisting the negative thoughts. To learn not to react. Eventually you see where they come from. Like one teacher explained to me, something traumatic happens to you (and this could be anything) but its something you dont want to face. Then it forms a kind of “magnetic” core in your subconscious mind, and this thing keeps kicking up negative thoughts into your conscious mind. So first you have to stop reacting to them and then you might get to see the origin.

Hope that helps.

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I deal with this type of thing as well. What helps me is realizing it’s a type of programming from somewhere. If you can find the source, understand it, it may be easier to ignore or make them disappear. Kind of shadow work. Maybe integrate some "light work " into your practice, where you imagine being filled with white light.


Maybe you can stop trying to fight it. i dealt with severe depression and suicidal thoughts for many years until one day, I decided to forgive everyone who did me wrong, forgive myself, and to give love to everyone i hated. I responded to evil done to me and negativity with love. The negativity disappeared overnight. I used to be kept awake at night tormented my my own thoughts, and fantasized about killing myself all the time, but these things disappeared. Realize that the negative things you are fighting are a part of you. by trying to destroy them you are only hurting yourself. separation is an illusion. you have the option of accepting them, understanding why they’re there and letting them empower you. I’m a right hand pather though so if you’re a left hand pather i’d imagine it’s not compatible.

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Its a paradox. Is getting rid of them via any method just admitting weakness you can’t take them. Is keeping them admitting weakness you can’t try to over come them.

I see paradox in everything. It’s a self EverWar when realized. Like the supposed stories of knowledge gained there comes a hell with that.

It will eventually stem to why does self exist? People say evolve, overcome, or merge with higher self or “the one” or become a god?

For how long?
To do what?
A purpose of eternity that solves nothing.
ALL ideas & things can exist but why?

So what… you’re a god with a realm.
Big deal how long before boredom?
So overcome another higher obstacle. (Sounds like an uninspired Dragonball franchise). And that show does reveal enough of endless conflict for what purpose?

I guess you could want to get rid of negativity for a peaceful life. BAM! And at the end you’re dead anyway.

Karma? Reincarnation? Sounds like a divine curse.

Did any of you give permission to whatever to exist? I know I didn’t. How can what doesn’t exist give permission to freely exist. This is a direct violation of free will. And yet the negative connotation that we are guilty, imperfect, sinful by an OMNI Everbeing pervades every human in existence. How can there not be negativity when it’s created by such an all being.

Negativity affects health and others but positivity can equally leave you ignorant and unwary.

I suppose If you have it you contain it, keep it, and never let others know it else it will spread; by word, action, posture, presence, or perhaps something deeper. Perhaps seal self away like a contagion. It’s not a solution to self but it keeps others from being afflicted by self. Only the everbeings or spirits will know if they care to look. Arrogant pricks those things are…

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Try connecting with Aphrodite and Nike, work with both at the same time, I think they can help you.

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There are a lots of different kind of meditation. DOn’t know which one you used. I would recommend Body scaning Vipassana. There is another one, though observing one.

After than Do some rigorous physical exercises. It helps a lot too.

And at spare time watch cartoon. The dumb ones. Works like a charm !

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is dragon ball your favorite? I watched some episodes and it’s cool!

Well, it is exactly shadow work.
And to be clear about that, from what he’s said he’s already started with it, a while before.
However, he hasn’t developed a clear vision of how he wants to be, or what he seeks to achieve with it.
So the natrual thirst for power kicked in. “how can i murder my way up the ladder, to become the guy who runs the whole show.” that’s a regular instinct,
and nothing uncommon.

However, when you really kill everything from bottom to top,
there woun’t be anyone left to lead, once the top is reached.

Just to clarify the obvious falsehood of that concept.

However, it isn’t as false as you’d think.
Belial is very good at getting that spark up in people,
So he’d be a good source to work with.


I think you may be able to help him.
Guide him, direct him.

-Regarding @SomeGuy
You’re right with the meditation, definately.
The Subliminals, well difficult to judge without knowing the content.
Subliminals fuck around with your subconciousness,
and can reap as much harm, as they can heal.
Now, knowing human nature, they’re usually holding at least some bit’s which can be a problem.

I recommend you cut out all subliminals for the moment,
as you’ve said, you’ve gotten worse instead of better.

now, in psychology there’s behavioral and deep psychologists.
The behavioral look at a problem,
and seek a way to make you react differently to that,
the deep look into you, and what may cause you to react a specific way.
Now where’s the big difference in that?
Behavioral, changes surface issues.
It’s good when you already know your problem.
Deep, is good when you have no clue about what’s going on,
and need to refine on that.

These tips are just in case if you aim to get medical care for depression / OCD.

Now, Magick adresses this differently.
In magick, you ignore the fact that you’re a fully operating, active mind for a moment.
Step out of it,
make some adjustments and get back in, to check how they’re running.

Write the stuff you have in your head down.
That’d be step one.

2: look for patterns:
Is there specific target’s you want to kill?
Is there a specific reason, atached to why you want to kill?
What makes you think about seld degradation?

3: are those reasonable, logically complete patterns,
or is there interruptions - missing pieces in between.
Missing pieces in between would suggest an outside source,
logically complete patterns mean it’s supressed trauma,
and the cause of that is usually within the childhood / family.
Abuse, Pain, Shame something along those lines.

If you’re able to identify it,
you’ll be able to solve it.

try to include some healing and strengthening mantras into your meditation.
Ohm Durgaje nahmaha
are two examples i instantly recall.

  1. is there anything which gives you joy, fun, excitement?
    What is it. No matter how mundane, stupid or illogical it seems.
    -identify it. And actively work on increasing it.

  2. clean out the Negative with the postive - step by step.
    the less you’re feeding the negative, the more positive will be able to manifest inside and for you.

  3. adress the inner wound.
    Whatever keeps stuck inside you, after a while of slowly cleaning your mental body,
    is the actual, hardened, supressed emotion,
    that causes those thoughts to keep re-acceuring.
    Let go of that.
    Stop holding on to it.

It may sound strange, but at the moment where you’re actually holding it in front of you,
and trying to drop it, you’ll grab it tighter instead of letting it fall out of your hand.
your instinct tries to protect that pain inflicting emotion,
that scar, which has been preventing to be healed all the time,
because the instinct misinterprets your attempt to get it out,
as another insult or attack, even tho it isn’t.
That part is usually the most difficult for a medic which tries to help you out.
It’s the famous “if he doesn’t believe in it, i can’t do anything for him.” moment.
Push yourself through that.
try to accept it, as it is, without questioning it.
Then, it’ll become easy.
then, it’ll be possible for you to get rid of it completely.

(did i just accidently teach you how to create belief?.. guess i need some rest after this.)

  1. finally, lastly, declare to yourself that you’ve cleansed it, healed it, broken free from it.
    keep nurturing yourself with life oriented thoughts and emotions for a while,
    so you stabalize into the newly gained mental state.

That’s about it.

Step by step, detailed.

The quick fix?
well, becoming a real black force, giving into the calling you’ve recieved and seek so desperately to furfill,
going into war, rising up some ranks, and moving on from there.
However, Micah may tell you more about that option,
and how to walk that path.




Do watch all of it. specially the Z series. It’s not my fav but still it is a classic .

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That’s a wonderful post You made, brother. Really appreciate it, Thought it wasn’t meant for me.

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What i write is for everyone who feels drawn to it,
or can benefit from it.

I 've been here for a while,
and i still want to benefit our community!

So Enjoy, what is useful for you.




I had them pretty much under control. Then shit happened and they came back. I manifested something I really did not want, just by always complaining about if. Be careful what you think isn’t just a saying. Lilith suggested I make a pact with Samael to allow him partial possession of my mind. It worked, he knocked my mind around quite a bit, but things are starting to move in the right direction, so he doesn’t have to show up as much anymore. Intense focus on something else helped me too.

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