How do you communicate with demons?

What are some methods any of y’all use? Tarot? Other forms of divination? Are any of you clairaudient?

I always wonder how do practitioners “hear” or “talk” to their deities and other spirits. I’m still in the training stages with tarot and I am figuring out if I am any of the Claires since my grandmother and mother often “felt” spirits or something is about to happen.

The best way is to “tune” to them


And how is that done?

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Imagine that you are a radio. The spirits around you are broadcasting stations. In order to feel/hear their messages consistently without tools, you need to focus in finding their frecuency among all the static noise of your rational mind and the stimuli from the physical world. By doing this, you will eventually meet and converse with your Higher Self. A good exercise for this is reading tarot using your intuition, asking the answers to entities you trust. Eventually, that skill of feeling or hearing or having the visions of their answer, will be yours without needing the cards


Thank you for this advise!

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Telepathy. It had unlocked itself when I met my guardian demon.


Interesting! How did you achieve that if I may ask?

Automatically, without me doing anything. At first I could understand a few words, then they became phases and then conversations.

They usually send something like a signal into my head which translates it into words, pictures, emotions, etc.

I never have had the ability to see or hear spirits. Saw one once, manifested in incense smoke, but that took a lot of work. It’s shitty, really. That said, as others have said, I tune in – after I’ve banished. Before ritual, enns work to tune you in and chanting helps spiritual entities know you seeking contact. When they come, my arm hairs stand to attention and I start to perspire. Neck hairs stand at attention. The perspiration grows gradually worse. After I ask them to depart the perspiration starts running off me. Sometimes so bad it’s time for a shower.

Believe me, they always come when called. They’re on our side.

So why don’t you use the search function and look up Naamah. Naamah is just great. Works quickly. Really material and fantastic with everyone, including beginners. Learn Her evocation by heart and deliver it with passion.



I usually contact them through the dream. Draw and open the sigil and put it under the pillow. You will either see the demon and will be able to just talk to him directly, or u will see a dream that will be like a message.


“Believe me, they always come when called. They’re on our side.”

I love this Uncle Al. I need to be reminded of it sometimes

Uncle Al is one of few the wisest here, he’s helped me when I first started out

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I can’t stand Uncle Al. Who does he think he is? All that British spelling and high-flown prose. I mean, what authority does he have? And his attitude, replete with piss-weak mysticisms! Plus, he lives in Australia.



Yeah, as if “Australia” is a real place.


haha! thank you Al! much respect to you. I believe to be Clairsentient since I tend to get random goosebumps or I just feel there is something around me and I can’t explain it.