How do you become a god in the flesh

Any recommended demons to work with.
Or can you achieve godhood on your own?

It’s not a “one and done” kind of thing. It is a process that will take time and effort. The number of demons and/or angels that can help with the process is endless.

To begin, I recommend Belial or Azazel.

It also heavily depends on your definition of “godhood.”


^ Exactly, the definition of godhood plays a key role in how to go about obtaining it.

Demons are a bit wildcard, but I worked with King Paimon, had no issues. Just be legal in your requests with spirits, Ive learned theyll give you what you want, but not necessarily how* you want it lol

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Depends on what you’re looking to do and what you need to work on. Imo Lucifer is the most thorough and gentle. Although his methods are unconventional. He’s always doing multiple things at any one time. He’s made me face myself, and my worst fears. Go against everything I said I would or wouldn’t do. He got down to why I created the self i did. Most of it was out of hurt. So he helped me recreate me. Helped is the operative word there, he didn’t do it for me.

At any rate you need to figure out what your goal is and go from there.


You already are a god. The problem is your human consciousness not knowing how to distinguish the two.

The Gods have said “Be and you’ll Become”.
“See and you’ll stop becoming”.

Manifest your will through you actions not just your spells.

Spells are pathetic without the full force of action and conviction.

That was Belial himself that just talked to you!!!