How do you all meet other occultists/LHPs?

Hey, I was curious about how you all meet other occultists and/or left hand practitioners? I currently only have one friend who is involved in the occult, and she’s a right hander (nothing wrong with that, I just really want a friend to talk about demons with haha). The only other people I’ve met who openly practice magick are the people who hang out at the metaphysical shop by my house. They’re all Wiccan, however, and kinda frown upon the LHP in general and its a bit discouraging. I can talk to them and my friend about crystals/herbs/candle magick and things of that nature, but thats about it. I really just want a LHP friend, give me some ideas on how to meet them or share how you’ve met other occultists. Thanks :smile:


I’d like to help but even wiccans are hard to find around here


This is the only place I’ve found like minded people, but some of the members of this forum have started chapters to meet other members in person. Maybe you can start one for your area and see if anyone responds.


Slide in the dm’s

Seriously though just start a thread about your area and message the locals


Have a search oin this thread as well, see if there’s anyone nearby: