How do you actually use a consecrated talisman you've just bought?

Is there anything else you would do to it like activating it or charging it? I’m new to this stuff.

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if its been charged and activated there is nothing more that you need to do just let it sit somewhere noone will see or use it. If you feel the need to recharge the talisman then you would go through the ritual process that was used to charge it and go about your business. Its like useing the runes in the book by edward thorson he said if you feel the need to recharge the runes you can.

To my knowledge and understanding of energy all magickal items at some point will lose their energy. There is a reason why lets say for instance if i were to play touch the item in ea or conners rooms i would ruin some of their magickal items

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It’s only been consecrated. It hasn’t been activated or charged. I’ll have a look around to see if there’s any tutorials about how to activate or charge a talisman, but all helpful pointers are appreciated.

Consecration is basically the same as “charging.” When you consecrate something, you fill it with energy to set it apart from the mundane and make it into something new. When you consecrate an altar to the Powers of Darkness, for example, you infuse the material with those powers, and then seal the energy within it by command or gesture. So if the talisman was consecrated when you received it, then it is already charged.

Was it consecrated for a specific purpose, or just to bring a general energy into your sphere? Talismans are generally already activated once consecrated, so all you need do is wear it.

First of all exorcise it to erase the initial purpose infused by the maker and then charge it with your own energy as creator

Nope, I paid JS Garrett a lot of money to consecrate the thing for me, he is superb.