How do we know what is a sign and what is a coincidence?

Hey guys! I’m not really new to magic but I think that this question could help new magicians and magicians like myself who have practiced for a long time. How do you guys personally distinguish what a sign is and what a coincidence is? I’ll use an example pertaining to love (everyones favorite on here it seems like LOL)- so lets say you do rituals to bring back a lost love. You wake up and that person likes your picture you posted. Hmm coincidence or sign? My BIGGEST problem with magic is that I feel as if I don’t know if whats happening is my influence or just the person doing it on their own. Theres more examples I could give but I think you guys get the point… I feel like even when I center myself and try to focus and I ask ‘can I please have a sign?’ I don’t know if its a sign or not. I don’t doubt myself or my magic but I have a fear that its wishful thinking?? I hope someone understands what I’m trying to say lol. Please give your input :slight_smile: and also share how you removed these blocks so that you do know what a sign is.


Some people here will proclaim there’s no such thing as coincidence so take everything as a sign, but I disagree with that way of thinking because it can lead to disappointment if the result doesn’t manifest. In your example, a former lover liking a picture doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will resume, and if one assumes it is a sign of the dream coming true, what happens if it doesn’t?

In my personal opinion, repetition should be the benchmark. Like they say in serial killer circles, “Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.”


I never pay attention to signs, I only pay attention to actual results, happening in front of my eyes if possible. Not everything is magickal, sometimes a huge “sign” leads to nothing and sometimes great results come in silence and against all odds.


Thats actually a really good question and @DarkestKnight replied it with a perfect answer

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Idk I tend to believe everything is a coincidence… until I’ve got three or four or five coincidences surrounding an instance and Still go wtf this can’t happen, I didn’t do that…

It’s all fine and dandy to talk about and discuss and believe then when I see movement, a spirit, etc I go oh shit. Is this real…

The only consolation prize for me is if I see something I’m either asleep and dreaming and wide awake with my eyes open. My mind can’t form images of anything even after over a year of mediation and working image forming/ holding exercises… simply can’t.

But I Imagine when I get past the doubting I’ll get a lot further eh?

I guess my major thought is how can you prove you did most of it short of the advice above, reputation. Even when I’m working with spirits and I’m really specific about what I want, they rarely pull through the way I asked.

For example I wanted to cause trouble but not physical harm to someone. I asked for flat tires, work is mess, custody issues etc.

The next day she hit a deer. She’s been written up at work three times and is looking at the fourth coming down on her this week because she… is acting like she’s on drugs. Supposedly she just got a lawyer because the ex wants custody.

It isn’t exactly what I asked for. But damned it’s close. But you can’t prove I had a hand any of it, I can’t either.