How do u know if someone is interfering with ur magick?

i wonder if someone is messing with my not getting what i should when i feel i should from the goeitic spirits i work with, any advice, comments bad or good appreciated.

Have you done any divination on the possible obstacles?


Ose once told me most magicians just stunt their own magick LOL
And I still find that to be true to this day
That was almost 6 months ago
As someone who has fucked my own magick-- I can say this has to be 90 percent true
Of course someone COULD be fucking with your magick --but most of the time-- it falls on you --and i know that’s now always sweet to hear -

i havent, i lost my tarot cards

true, but can u explain how i would fuck my own magic?

Overthinking --out of balance with emotions and health - etc etc the list goes on

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ok, well do u have any advice?

I’d say work with each chakra tbh
Simple work but benefitable to your workings for the future
Clean yourself out