How do u get revenge against an employer that's being a dick

So my employer’s being a douchebag. Today’s payday and she chose not to pay me for previous work done cuz I had 1 note not submitted when she clearly said I wasn’t going to be paid for that day only. As all my other notes had been submitted I should have been paid for those. But she’s on some power trip cuz I refused to sign a write up that was totally inaccurate. 1, I’m not tardy. My client even called to tell them that. My work schedule changed and consequently, she thought I was being tardy. I asked her to list the days she thought I’d been tardy, n she couldn’t give me one saying look at ur timesheets. I went over my timesheet and sure enough, she claimed I’d been tardy 12 times, I didn’t see that. So I said F it! I’m not signing that paper. Just some power trip going on. I feel like I should just F up her day today using magic. Any ideas?


Learn some psychology and manipulate her…


I’m supposed to work this weekend. I’m thinking of telling her I’m not going to work till that gets sorted out.

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I evoked Lucifer and King Belial since I work with them. Lucifer gave me the name of who had Fd up. I asked King Belial and Lucifer to both intervene and make sure that lady handled my sht b4 the end of the day and make her realize she Fd up.

Maybe 45min later, that lady called me saying my check would be overnighted. It allegedly bounced when they tried to deposit it. I informed her my bank info hadn’t changed unless they changed it without my knowledge. She then claimed maybe the company entered one of the numbers wrong. I then reminded her they’ve had my infirmation since I started working for them and it was in the computer system and unless someone changed it, it should have come through. She then had to say that the company claimed other people were affected too and not to worry my check would be sent via overnight today. We all know that was a BS claim. :joy::joy::joy:
Hail King Belial, Hail Lucifer. :metal:


Well the work is done, no more headache I guess. Personally I would love to screw whore like this who are into power game, till she starts to call me daddy, with longing eyes. Filthy Bitches.


Yea. Terrible power trip. I guess what’s really pissing her off is I called her BS when she tried to write me up and refused to sign her write up. Like how can u tell me I’ve been late 12 times, and when I ask her to put those dates down so I can see what she’s talking about, she tells me to go through all my timesheets and see that. I sure did and told her I didn’t have 12 tardies and if they couldn’t fix that, I’d reach out to upper management. The broad hasn’t said a word since and is being nice now.


Tell us what would your comment have been if it had been a male manager? Would the following be acceptable?

“Well the work is done, no more headache I guess. Personally I would love to screw manwhore like this who are into power game, till he starts to call me mummy, with longing eyes. Filthy Bastard.”

See my point. Maybe you don’t - bad managers male and female.

@A.Lucifer - Maybe get an electronic paper trail and bcc your time sheet, and get all changes to schedules in writing. It doesn’t sound like it’s one person who is the problem in that place if cheques are incorrect - although I suspect it was supposed to be a CHAPS or BACS payment given the date.

BTW not defending her, simply pointing out.


Haha, guess I had to grow boobs then, to fuck the man whore. :joy: I had some bad experiences with women since my childhood. So just venting out my anger that’s all.


The lady that does scheduling already fixed my times. My manager who was mad I changed my schedule time, decided to write me up, even though I worked the same #of weekly hours. They weren’t loosing anything.


With my boss, who is a barely functioning schizophrenic, I usually do a spell of confusion to keep the attention off me. Works well.


I think u’ll need to share that spell with me lol!

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Lol, see, magic works.


Employers and clients can get bitchy during Saturn retrograde.Basically Saturn is not active to reward you for your work so authority figures will be ungrateful, confused and unsympathetic and will try to blame you for their own faults.

My advice is to invest in a radionics machine and make a vinegar jar ASAP.With Mars exalted and a retrograde of Saturn and Jupiter nothing will help you but Your ability to cast spells so get to work my friend.

Mars exaltation means people will be rude and lose tempers a lot most of this year x best to act meek and humble and continue casting spells so you can have the last laugh over their dead bodies x


Tape recorder
Letter to HR complete with attached audio file.


Belial will work against The Man even if The Man is actually female. :man_shrugging:


Use her picture and a black candle awaken the sinister aspects of the candle via visualization of a black mist from the candle.

Look at her picture repeat his name over and over scry into his picture like a sigil opening a connection to that person.

Give blood on the wick of the candle as it dries light the wick combing both gateway’s of blood and fire which is potent.

then repeat this below.

To rouse a vengeful destruction via ritual

" I’Chalaz Itz Rechel

Ahn’Tal Ahn’Tan’Tel


Me Vaskalla Pert’Ent Itzu ".

this summons three beings of destruction to the target, then visualize the three beings attacking the target.

then command the assassins to attack the target via a incantation.

Look at the candle, feel the power of the blood and fire combined and say

" by burning blood, i call forces from below and above, ( Name of target ) destroyed, perished and dominated you are ".

Burn the picture in the flame of power, collect the ashes, bury the ashes, with the right hand over the dirt repeat

" Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer ".

Ask lucifer to seal the fate of the target and to empower the rite, then scatter vinegar over the dirt.