How do the spirits manifest to you?

I’m just curious…what do the Demons look like to you when they show themselves to you or when you envision them? Especially Lucifer since that is who I’m working with…

Last night I did an invocation of Lucifer and asked how I could envision him.

He showed me three different things:

  1. A torch
  2. A man running with a torch
  3. A large man (whose features and details I could not see) with large white wings

Anyone else seen anything like this? I just find it interesting to know how others see them.


they all manifest in various ways


My goddess appear as a brilliant stern goddess with long blonde hair and a white dress, always sitting on a throne.

She’s the only deity I often commune with, and it have always been an image etched into my head.


I always request their true form or scan for their true form. I take nothing less. For me less is if they need to manipulate your senses to appear as a form that isn’t theirs but one that is an illusion (some not all given some can shapeshift) I still prefer their true form over sugarcoated or a form I view as a lie.

How I’ve seen Lucifer, it’s a bit simple but at the same time since he’s so highly valued in terms of people working with him I think I would rather keep how I see him to myself and usually just comment on it when I see similarities.


I saw images in my mind, often some already seen on paper/screen e.g. the Demons portrayals by Louis Breton. On certain occasion I had impressions or glimpses as if I was about to “see”, or I moved my eyes towards a spot to find that the thing I wondered about was a “normal” shadow or object.


Every demon I’ve seen irl looked like a human, and specifically they looked like Persians. I have no idea why that is (I’m caucasian btw).

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