How do spirits communicate with YOU?

I’ll just start out by saying that I’ve had success summoning and requesting and closing an evocation with results that I asked for perfectly. My understanding of religion (bible) plus my understanding of spirituality has led me to understand that in actuality anything is possible here on earth, with the use of these “beings” that is. No im not a threat, no I dont need any help, I know what I know, and I am not a danger to anyone. My main question that I want to know, is how do spirits communicate with you? Whats happening from your point of view when you are communicating with a spirit? in detail please. Heres my follow up.

Yes I have talked to spirits, and also the creator. And I also have relationships with some of these spirits, and he creator as well. And asked them both for knowledge and understanding. One time, I was in the presence of both “demons” (spirits) and the “creator” at the same time. All i can say was that they were very aware of each other, and there was a lot of silent hatred. I had reached out to the creator and both the spirits, and after drawing their attention I also asked them how do they communicate with us humans. They told me how, and this is how.

This world is actually the 3rd dimension, while these spirits, and the creator exist outside of this, in the 4th dimension and so on. They can see us, they can see through us. they can phase through us, and possess us (only with permission). From their point of view we are like cars that they can step inside. Our physical eyes and ears cannot see or hear them, our nerves cannot feel them, so to us, they are not “real” but they are here. They are right here with us right now and we dont even know it. Well most of us dont. Only a few. When they “talk” to us they are spiritually whispering to us through our minds conscience which is actually our soul, as opposed to our physical ears, which they cannot reach, since they have no way of producing a physical vibration from a throat. And thats it. Heres the funny part. As they told me this my brain was melting, because I was hearing/ feeling this answer in my conscience as it was being told to me, giving me a sudden realization that felt like Deja-vu trippy indeed, it’s how it feels almost everytime I am given information. When it comes to the permission part, they cannot do anything to any human without “permission”. This is how they get over on people ultimately, and this is also where our power over them comes into play.

I also found out, from them, that they are capable of manipulating the chemicals in our brains rapidly, which is a separate process from giving us information or knowledge or a certain “skill”. Something like a puppet on a string, which they love to do apparently.

Basically, when I call on the creator, and channel my conscience (third eye open for this) I feel his presence telling me “I am here” It’s like a voice but no sound. And there is also the feeling of something looking at me, followed by a very loving and unique sensation that floods my brain with dopamine, literally, but only when I praise him. For a lot of people, this is actually potentially a malicious spirit tricking them, however I was baptized when i was younger, and in fact the creator has told me himself that since I was baptized, that this “feeling” was a “pure” bond, through a spiritual channel and could not be cut or interfered with by anyone. I realized that after seeking the “son” and finding him, that it’s really just god, yes, the son is god, and there is just one, and it’s him, the son is just an extension of himself, which existed as a way for him to physically interact with humans, and is to come again.

Anyone can speak with the creator, you just have to build a relationship with him and yes you must truly have faith before he reveals himself to you. He has revealed so much to me through science and religion. I am one who interacts with both the creator, and these spirits, who have both given me information. “God” tells me through my conscience that he does not like me interacting with them and using them for my advantage, and sometimes after channeling some of these spirits, he ignores my calls to him (no feeling of being watched over, no presence). I also channeled Lucifer, but after he became aware of me, and I aware of him, I just did a quick spiritual reading, and broke off contact after feeling that energy. I’m open to any questions.

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