How do our souls get to the Sperm

Look I know this is kind of weird but it’s one of those things I just wonder , Do we pick out parents and at what time do we enter into the 3rd dimension are we aware or does it just happen


Some people chose the family they wanted to be in, some did not, the soul does not get to the sperm lol. The soul gets to the fetus either a few months prior to it’s actual birth or when the baby leaves the womb, you’ll hear a few ideas on it but the soul does not go to the sperm lol.

I chose to come here at this time (my birth, albeit me and my siblings all were a month early) but I didn’t choose my parents.


This is what I heard too. I also heard this The soul comes and goes during the pregnancy it is t until the end that it stays with the baby.


There is not an answer for every question that exists in this world, that we have access to. Some answers are a part of the protected register or archive. No man or woman has ever “chosen,” their parents. There are some things out of the spectrum of even magic, and this is one of them. If someone believes that they had a choice in who they were born to, then their dreams and souls have been manipulated or drawn.


So you think it’s out of our control it just happens?

There is nothing in life that just happens.

Yes they have, I know plenty of people who have chose their parents. With all due respect based off what you’ve mentioned in your introduction you have no experience to be stating what people have and have not done, then to claim they are being manipulated is even worse.

What do you think we could choose

You can choose how you live your life after you are born. If there were a way to determine to whom and where we were born, there would be no child abuse, no child suffering, no bad childhoods. Most people are damaged from some kind of familial childhood trauma,and certainly it wasn’t chosen.


I ask a few budhists tat. Vietnan guys not enough knwlge, japaneses very litle, tibetans good. Its a weel. A chart but still in lock. Now a new age will say its destiny etc its not answer nut to search and find it. I dnt even tink some spirts have tat answers clearly.

child abuse is not a means of debunking someone choosing their parents or not. Just because your soul chose the family doesn’t mean the family chose you. Some people also have chose troubled households for their own development.

From a moralistic standpoint yes it may suck, but from a objective and personal experience standpoint there’s reasons for such.


I would be in agreeance that the soul is not in the sperm per say, but comes later in the pregnancy. I believe there is a Celtic belief (I cannot remember which tribe, possibly the picts) that the soul enters the body at birth, as the white light people see in death is the moment of birth in the spiritual world. They have an interesting cycle that a person is reincarnated between the physical and spiritual worlds, going back and forth.

As far as choosing families go, I do not see why not. Nor can I rule out the possiblity of random chance. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between?


It would be nice if we choose our lives but I doubt we do

Not all of us do, or not all of us remember that we do. Not many people remember their time prior to reincarnation. Most just think “woe is my life I couldnt of possibly chose this life” but it’s not that simple.

A person could choose their family and such but everything else is simply what happens.

A perfect example is you choose to be born into a normal family, that family later on experiences some downfalls, becomes poor, or the father or mother develop a drinking issue, what have you.

You didnt choose those outcomes, you can choose the family prior to reincarnation but doesn’t mean you can choose every little detail of how your life in that family goes people often forget life is a series of causes and effects and a choice of reincarnation and who it’s with is within that moment you chose to do so.

So people who use people reincarnating into abusive households, poverty, and the likes make no sense. But not all reincarnations are choices in terms of parents, where you reincarnate, or even to reincarnate.

A friend of mine was forced into reincarnation to learn a lesson from his past, I chose to reincarnate the year I was born, only difference is I did not plan to be one month premature, that was something that just happened involved in whatever the reasons premature births happen.


I definitey chose this life.
Since I was a small child I had that knowledge in me, that I voluntarily came here to do something.


But how? Studies have shown that consciousness begins after leaving the womb, and you need consciousness to be able to make semi-comprehended choices.

This really comes down to a question of whether you believe essence comes prior to existence or existence comes prior to essence. Are you born with what makes you who you are and you just have to unfold your nature (essence - existence), or do you start as a blank slate/self-conscious nothing, defining yourself as you progress through life (existence - essence)?

Seeing as science favours the latter (but is still technically assumptions made on presuppositions) I would say that the only logical solution is to approach this as a belief/faith not fact or testimony. Not to mention that a precedent of belief over logic was set at this point:

I imagine it’s when the sperm and egg meet and the beautiful chemical reaction of life is born, that transformative moment. We’re all carrying our ancestors DNA. The Shona teaches that it’s very important, one of our biggest spiritual lifelines are our ancestors, in a way they live on through our DNA.

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This is going to be a very unpopular and radical statement, and is likely to offend most people on this forum who are mothers or fathers because it has an anti-natalist conclusion, but suffering is a fundamental part of existence, some would even argue that it is the only guaranteed occurrence. If you wish for a state without suffering you would choose to not be, because even the best lives will experience suffering at some point. This means that bringing a child into existence will always do it more harm than good as the child is not conscious (aware of pain and contentment) prior to coming into being.

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I don’t think we choose our situations, I highly doubt the aids baby in africa chose to suffer poverty, starvation and be covered in flies all the time only to die before 5 years old. It’s a wonderful thought to say we all choose our bodies and our lives but I think it could be just that “wishful thinking” . I think however that after you have evolved your spirit in some way you can have a certain level of control over how you incarnate but you need to be lucky enough to find yourself in a life where things are good enough to get the chance for some sort of spiritual evolution and the Ka could have developed the Ba enough to maintain its self then one could have some control over it. I think this is part of the reason people reincarnate along family lines. They like the familiarity.
The life force begins at the moment of conception at that point the fetus is ready to accept a Ka or if left to it’s self will develop a Ka which will in turn develop a Ba when waking consciousness takes hold. There is a window of time that a Ka could connect to the life force of a fetus and use that energy source before it independently develops a Ka of its own. Up untill about 6 weeks after conception a Ka may attach itself to the fetus if no Ka does this than it will independently grow a Ka. After about 12 weeks in the Ba can take seat where it’s Ka is. So at any point before the 6 week mark a reincarnated soul could be in that fetus.
What implications does this have for abortion I don’t really know but you run the risk of preventing a beloved relative from having life again. I honestly don’t care what you do because death is a part of life natural and unnatural alike. It doesn’t matter to me if you want to kill your own before they are born I mean lots of people kill their children many years after birth as well. Also its human nature to attempt to justify our actions when questionable and that’s fine, tell yourself whatever you want to be ok with it, I also could care less about that but none of it changes the reality. If you cared in the first place you would have used some form of contraceptive.

Hmmm I’m of the belief that strife is necessary for our spiritual development. One thing our species does best, it’s persevere under stress. If all were falalala, I highly doubt we would make any progresses. I would imagine the starvin marvin is more likely to spiritually evolve than the blonde hair blue eyed snot gobbler raised on a silver spoon.