How do occult orders recruit people?

Hello. Does anybody know how occult orders seek recruitment? I mean, do they just astral travel into your home and say “Hi. You don’t really know us, but you have seen us around and we would like to talk to you?” Or do they just try to evoke you personally after giving you a test to see whether or not you will respond to their call? I just figured that there was a type of test that you might have needed to pass in order to join. I have no clue how they do it. Enlighten me? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Maybe I should reach out the group I’ve seen a few times… that could be what they wanted. Although I got more ‘imprisonment’ vibes from them. Probably best not to poke a bear.

I’m curious to know how you think this works. Assuming you would respond to their call, how do you think you’d know they were calling? Like, do you expect to vanish from one place and appear in their pentagram, or do you think they’ll dream-summon you, or do you think you’ll just “know” you’re being summoned in which case how do you anticipate communicating?

Connections, I’d say. But out of curiosity, what type of test? Like an initiation post-invitation, or like something sent ‘from hell/from the heavens’ to test you before you can join?

You can pay $200 for a little red card to one of LaVey’s Churches.

Alternatively and more likely than everything else I’ve listed, someone just asks if you wanna join their Order.

I promise I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I just don’t understand how you think some of these things would work so I asked questions about your process. Don’t feel obligated to answer them, but you might flesh out your thoughts on magick in general some if you consider them. :grin:


Same as anywhere else really. How did you find BALG, for example, not that it’s an “order” but finding it is similar in that I and others found it through google, word of mouth, and other ways. Sometimes proselytizing, but that’s more rare. I know several parasitic cults try to get into occult places claiming they know The Real Truth about things, thankfully they get deleted on BALG but other places aren’t as lucky. For the non-parasitic kind, usually if they’re already large enough with help they can pay fur advertising. Facebook groups usually have charters in real-world locations, or they have access to occult style conventions to meet with others.

Some are secretive, however, and usually if you want to join you have to reach out yourself to those people to gain access. Asking nicely in e-mail doesn’t hurt, or if you happen to know people already in the order could allow a slightly faster evaluation or process.

I’m sure there are tons of ways I’ve missed, though, as it’s not really my thing.


I read somewhere recently that your network is your net worth. This is where it pays to know people. The best kind of orders don’t charge and are very private things.


Well I have applied to some,others someone who know someone tat pass my notes,I mean my record or experience,which make them jealous, and refuse me.bcse whoever is in charge dont like someone know more tat them you can even join a Facebook group,until you find something good,and a little strong vibe, I saw a ad for a Brazilian cult,I was no interested,4 months later they upload a video punishing a member who run away, let say his head was a soccer ball,around the place,try are a few,good ones in Colorado,very semi open, authentic,and not be surprised if you find notes around you property or car,

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Yeah, I don’t dig the whole “you have been summoned” vibe because I don’t know if that is a test of a person’s ability to sense them or if they are trying to make someone their puppy just for fun. Either way, these are all hypotheticals.

Yea okay I was wondering your thoughts. I’ve never known someone who was swept away from their current local because they were summoned.

On the other hand I answer my phone with, “you summoned me”.


This is not unlikely to happen that one is summoned by a astral contact from some type of orders and covens. Though there is no official physical teleportation that ive known off when that happens. Ife had thus far two experiences one was initiatory into the lower levels of the qlipoth(so it was more spiritually) and the other was more of an mental astral think. Both happened when i was in a deep sleep and a induced lucid state(not induced by me though).

The second was when Ive watched trough the day a youtuber called Naazir Ra. And his name was based upon an ancient judaic or christian type of order called the Nazir.

I think it was that

Ife didnt think of it much really. But he said a key word that ive picked uncounciously upon like as soon you watch this video you will start your journey no matter what or somethin.

Well ive got to sleep. And in my induced deep dream state i was in a orthodox jewish curch or something in that direction i dont know this religion very much. And Naazir Ra as a kid showed besides me up, beside other countless what apears to be semitic people. And i was a kid it looked like we are here for baptismal ritual or something. Everyone was dressed in black and modest festive clothes.

And than clear as day a deep and calling voice called three times into my head ‘’ NAAZIRIM, NAAZIRIm, NAAZIRim, ‘’(After that calling i knew it was a ancient order of the nazirim i didnt have any clue about that, i did not research before but i surely did after , it literally came to me ) Soemthing like when youve played skyrim and youve been summoned afar by the greybeards only more ore less the real version of it.

And everybody became high spirits when what appears to be a messianic jesus figure entered the church he looked like the head figure and the master of the order. I am sure it was a form of a more judaic jesus christ. He smiled everybody smiled. And than it ended.


E.A. Koetting has given permission in his book for people to summon his godself, Archaelus. When asked about it, he said it’s not the common surface consciousness that is summoned, but your omnipresent spirit. He feels a little spacey and knows it is happening but not the details.

I think if it happened in dream or if he meditated on it he could find out who after the fact. He’s not published any info on exactly how to do that.

(He has since left the Oro Ascensum Aetrynalis and turned over it’s astral running to others, which he did in a live ritual a year or so ago, so I don’t know if all of the workings in that book still work, I haven’t tried, maybe you get an egregoric or older version, or one of the new leaders now.)

In my travels, order and covens don’t last long, and the ones big enough have hierarchical systems that don’t work for my lhp mindset. But they can have very interesting methods to teach. I have joined one on spirit guidance and left as soon as I had what I was guided there to get. But it was not the knowledge, it was the aid of an entity the order worked with.

With this experience, by feeling is you will be drawn to an order if it has value for you. If you are not finding any, all up in your face, it’s not necessary or useful for your path. “When the teacher is ready, the student will come” works both ways, most orders don’t really have anything new or interesting you can’t get for yourself anywhere thanks to the Internet. It’s not the 1500s any more.


A close sense of community, friendship, or multiple people willing to share detailed experiences is my only disagreement.

Thanks for info on summoning a person, hadn’t thought of OP’s question like that!


This right here. That wasn’t so great when I made the choice to get my ex back. When I did it, I knew I was really pushing my capabilities.


Well let say some orders have mix of Magick ,which really work. Easy and fast,no in books or PDFs, but high Magick ,to you probably say well I can do Tuesday and same thing,but it’s a way to make it faster,? Guaranty,? Tis is why not one get in so easy,you must bring something to the table,like I got you back you got my.

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There was a time i wanted to join orders and i sent email to any type of lodge that i could get a website/email. All of them didn’t reply except one coven that was in US.

I remember the day i sent the email, a day later while i was laying on bed( i wasn’t sleeping) i heard chanting from afar but the voices comes closer and closer till i could physically hear them out near me, the chants lasted for a minute and then started to disappear returning where they came from.

In the morning i received an reply to my email saying i can not join because i am far away from them etc. So possibly the chanting was to come and see me if i was worthy for their order or something else i don’t know?

The good thing is, they didn’t ask about money which made me thought they were legit. So be careful, if they start to ask you to pay crazy amounts be alert because legit order even if you have nothing they can admit you, because they know they will teach you how to manifest your own cash but if no money no entry :wink: :wink: think twice.

Another thing is, other orders are very sinister, YEs they have good stuff but they are sinister to the maximum, be alert to this too.


There is always TOAF Temple of the Ascending Fkame. I had some deep dream visions of that order and Asenath and some of the spirits before I even knew of BALG or much if the occult. I never fornally applied but they have a lot of free workings you can do. I love her tomes.

Since Covid I haven’t been doing much except takinf care of my parents and their property. And that’s a task. Too tired usually except for a few energy rituals as the place is kind of toxic and draining.