How do members practice? What do you do?


My routine changes depending on what Azazel expects of me. Right now hes big on prayers. So i find myself praying 3 times a day. I write in my journal 2 to three times a day. And do daily set of mantras i usually start with Ganesha …he removes obstacles so i think your just spinning your wheels if you dont remove your obstacles first. Thats how it works in my head anyway.
Then rest just depends.
I dont usually do rituals everyday. Maybe a few times a week or no it just depends on how busy life is. I just make sure I make time for Azazel and do whats on his list.
I dont know if this helps but its what i mostly do.

well i try to meditate every day. usually dont. then i proceed to evoke wgat ever entity wants to be evoked that day (im working with at least 5-7 spirits rn so i evoke daily) i honor them as well, in thought, along with ancestors. i am now divinating daily as a practice now that im seliing my divination skills as a product to the public. however i want to get in a daily oration to the father lucifer and mother lilith and hecate

I am Azazel"s submissive. We did have an agreed contract but after the ritual on Halloween he gave me the opportunity to choose to be released or stay. And I chose to stay His. So now there is no pact or anything. I’ll be his for forever or until he tires of me. I say which ever comes first. Lol
My situation is pretty unique I guess. But he knew i wss needing something I wasnt getting and made the offer.
It works for us. So i guess thats what matters.

I deeply desire to be able to contact demons so that they can help me manipulate my reality. So far I’ve been unsuccessful with that. My small successes have come through using The Law of Attraction.

I speak to the entities I work with daily easily due to how I have set up our connections like I use the phrase used to call them and we communicate telepathically and soul travel for more intense things I haven’t soul traveled to Azazel yet tho

I work a lot with thoughtforms and I have several personal thoughtforms that I’ve programmed to feed off of enemies and I have them do work for me daily. I’ve always done a lot of work with Norse deities as well as demons and several gods from other paradigms. If I feel compelled then I usually summon demons to help me get what I want and I usually call upon one or more deities for the same goal. I’ve been doing daily ancestral prayers and that seems to help center me. I’ve also gotten into some aspects of hoodoo and daemonolatry. My magickal practice is pretty damned eclectic.