How do I visit the first sphere of sephiroth, the sphere of malkuth?

Astral projection? Shamanic journeying?

It’s Malkuth, with a K, it will make your writtings look more scholar-like.
Malkuth is the physical world, you are already there


Okay. Okay. What the fuck do I DO?

Also slightly concerned Sandalphon isn’t who he says he is.

he says “I thought you would catch on eventually.”

I’m so confused and I feel like I can’t trust my own mind.

That’s none of my business, I just teach Qabalah out of boredom. Most spheres are easily accesible just by living a normal life, as the trees are in you and around you. I mean, I’ve known people who are masters of the Qliphoth without knowing what a Qlipha is

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I need a heaping helping of fucking sight juice

Depends if you view it as a realm or a aspect of the mind. A shamanic journey is a mental journey a projection is an OOBE. As for sandalphon, I’d suggest if you can have decent or good scanners to check or clear your mind of doubt and detach from desire and tarot it.

I’d also suggest taking things slowly and not rushing into paths.

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WElp, Rungr, Sandalphon flat out said I shouldn’t do the sephirothic path.

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It might not be for you, I thought about doing it or Qliphoth but I always got this “heck no” because I cannot dedicate myself to paths like that. I follow Druidism now, but even then it’s altered a bit to suit me because it’s something that was there when I started (8yrs old) and I didn’t realize it until it smacked me in the face again.

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Read the latest RHP post. :heart: