How do i view or increase my magik power/attunement?

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been on the forums for a short while now, been trying a few things both on the forum and in a few books i’ve came across, not seen any real definitive results in anything i’ve tried, and due to life getting in the way and my thoughts that maybe i’m not attuned enough which is why things are not really working? i’ve gone back to what i think is the basics? and mainly just focusing on tarot card practice currently. (just doing reading on myself, trying to remember the patterns and the sets, i don’t really have anybody else to do readings for ssooo… .yeah… )

am i not seeing results because i’m just not strong/attuned enough? what is a way to test how strong/ how well attuned i am?
what are some things i can attempt to help increase my strength/attunement to possibly see more definitive results?

i do suffer from ADHD and can sometimes find it hard to focus on mundane things for long periods of time (i.e. staring at a candle flame) would this be one of the causes for a lack of attunement and does anybody have any suggestions on how to possibly overcome this?

Magick has nothing to do with “attunements,” whatever those are. Magick is a practice, which means, just like any skill, you have to put in the work to develop it. Sure, some people are born with an innate talent for it, the same as some people are born smarter or faster, but anybody can work at it and get better. Hard work will beat talent every day of the week.

However, it is not easy, and it is not supposed to be. In ancient times, magick required trials, and tests before you were even considered worthy enough to learn so don’t feel bad if you can’t “get it” right away. Anything worth doing takes time and effort. It took me ten years to be as successful as I am at it. Just take it slow and don’t compare yourself to other people.

Do you meditate? Mindfullness meditation has been shown to help with ADHD:

i don’t know how to meditate :frowning:

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My advice would be to search locally for some place that teaches mindfulness meditation, and learn it the proper way. It can only help you.

However, if that is not possible, there are some guided meditations available on YouTube that may be useful. All you have to do is sit and follow along and they only take as little as ten or twenty minutes.

thx, i did check locally, there are a few places but they;re ckised currently due to the pandemic… =/ can you suggest some youtube videos?

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I haven’t use any so I can’t recommend anything specific but you should be able to just do a search on YouTube.

I meditate all the time and mostly use YouTube to do so… there’s various forms but the easiest is probably guided meditation. Brian Scott has some good ones. I believe what occurs during meditation is that both hemispheres of your brain balance or harmonise. It can be as simple as just focusing on your breathing and listening to the breath go in and out and when your mind wanders instead of judging your thoughts you just bring your mind back to focus on your breath when you’ve realised it’s wandered. If you have a particularly active mind then wim hof type meditation is in my books especially good as you can get very deep very fast and it takes more effort so in a way it’s easier to stay focused on what you’re doing

For dealing with AdHD you can try self programming as well as don’t make a vessel for anything at all don’t picture any spirit at all let them chose the image keeps mind clearer but also sleep deprivation should be helpful.

Meditate and practice mental wellness exercises

For ADHD, you may also inquire about Adderral from your physician.

does brian scott have any or can you recommend any guided meditations for energy absorbtion/ sigil activation? i have some spells i want to try the involve activating sigils or pumping energy into them, so i wanted to try absorbing energy first so i can then feed the sigils.