How do I tell my Girlfriend that I am into Magick?

Hello Everyone,

I am currently in a paradox right now. I have been a practicing and active occultist for over 3 years now. I have been with my girlfriend for about 4 months and we are very compatible personality wise. In fact, I believe she is the result of the last love spell I did to find a soul mate as she is into personal development as well and pushes me to better myself in all arenas. Things are going so well that I can see the relationship becoming more serious and I have obviously kept my occult and spiritual practice a secret from her thus far. She was raised as a non denominational Christian and truth be told, she is not that religious, but is definitely dogmatic when it comes to what the bible says. She knows I meditate regularly and am spiritual and not religious, but she looks at me more as a hippie than anything. I was wondering if anyone on here has been in this situation, and how they handled it if they were. What makes it more challenging is that I work with Angelic and Demonic magick and plan to have altars and give regular offerings to spirits for the rest of my life. I am worried that she would pray for me and compromise my magick by interrupting my flow to the collective unconscious. What should I do?


Oh man…show her this video for starter

If she really loves you she will understand.
Sugarcoat her, promise her you will teach her soul travel. Her next vacation will be on the moon :smiley:

Good Luck mate !


Code of silence.

The less people know, the better.

Altars aren’t necessary dawg.


Yeah this is good advice

Are you kidding? That’s terrible advice! Especially if you intend on it being a long term relationship. At the very least fudge it a little and say you are Wiccan or some shit, but outright lying about it is a disaster that is going to happen.


I agree with you there on not compromising the magick by the code of silence, but I would just be concerned that if we got really serious one day and if she ever caught me that she would feel betrayed because I have been lying to her and would cause a nasty ending. I guess I’ve always believed that the most successful relationships were built on transparency.


So just say you got into it recently, if that even happens.


Introduce her slowly with things like tarot readings and basic veneration of spirits. Slowly start introducing her to things more and more esoteric over the course of a few months, then tell her.


That is a great idea. I have already introduced her to numerology and she knows about all my crystals and my daily chakra opening and cleansing meditations. I also mentioned that I am psychically sensitive to emotions and energies so it feels like that is a step in the right direction.

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Yeah, what I said was basically how I got my coworkers at my old job to know and not judge. It also helped that I was able to use energywork-type stuff to help my coworkers not be so tired and get better sleep at night and stuff.

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Girls appreciate honesty so don’t lie to her but don’t tell everything unless she asks. But like others said above slowly get her into seeing interesting aspects of dealing with occult. Don’t let her see books in your collection like goetia or necromancy or any of that sort just simple things astrology, tarot etc., I hope you don’t have a fancy altar for any patron deity, if you do I don’t know what I would do if I were in your shoes.

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Do what I do, outrageous statements that others would consider a joke, but is actually the truth.

For example,

I sold my soul to the devil, what a wild ride it was! (Laughing out loud while saying it).

Then in the future, when you are confronted about being a liar because they stumbled on your human sacrifice, be like,

babe, I never lied. I told you about my deal with the devil (in a humorous manner).

I suggest keeping it light. By that I mean stick to the new-age stuff you’re already sharing, and also don’t go in too hard (giggity).

She’s got her own trip and you don’t really need to hear all about it all the time either. Maybe you could watch a show or movie about magic or paranormal themes, and see if she bites on a conversation about stuff like that.

It’s tough finding the perfect balance. Everyone should be free in their spirituality, but blabbing about magic can cause all sorts of problems. I used to keep my path a strict secret, but I wound up with a social circle full of ruthless muggles who had me locked in a mental hospital when I achieved an ascended state and tried to talk about a little bit of metaphysics and spiritual philosophy.

Remember, talking about magic is what your friends at BALG are for.