How do i summon Cupid?

I have a crush on someone and I need Cupid’s help. How do I summon him or ask for his help? Also, has he helped anyone else? If so, can you tell me about your experience? How can I ask him to help me with love? (sorry if this sounds dumb)

Why Cupid? There are lots of deities to choose from.

You should look into the greek angels the Erotes.

Or the primordial God Eros

Or the Olympian Goddess Aphrodite…

there’s a lot others.

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Like who?

Can you tell me a little more?

I believe that question was answered already. :slight_smile:

Astarte is a good goddess to get started with. Or try one of the Goetia beings.

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Cupid is the roman name for the god Eros
I think it could be better to work with Psyche his consort, as Eros by himself points his arrows, in any direction, so to speak. Is Psyche who could intercede for you, to guide him.

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