How do I stop dreaming about my ex?

If your still thinking of them, they have power over you. Maybe your still connected through lingering feelings or energy strings. You have to take your power back. Cut off all energy attachment. Take your mind/body/soul back. Be you. Life with them is over so BE 100% you. Do not project anything toward them. Dont’ even think of their well being. Drop them like you drop a pencil to the floor.

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Is there any spiritual way to cut off strings with this person?

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meditate. self cultivate. explore your interest. focus on you. focus on you. claim your power back. think selfish of your own needs. Care not for those who hurt you. Forgive yourself

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Cooooord cuttiiiiing. You can visualize an energy string between you two, and then snip it. Either me or him is good at remaking it, but I can always feel the weird empty feeling after I visualize cutting it. It’s kinda just routine for me by now.

cord cutting is just for those you have a soulmate connection with. At least that’s what I read up on. That’s why there is such strong connection to person. It makes you can’t forget about them. If its no one special you can easily forget them. You don’t have a cord with everyone you get to know.

That’s… not true at all. You can’t cut a cord with a soulmate. You form a cord with anyone you put any energy into at all, but it’s usually insignificant and easy to ignore. I have absolutely no idea where you’re getting this information from, but it’s directly contradicting everything I’ve ever read before.

I’ve read you can cut cord with soulmate , however, very difficult. There’s no cord with others you meet because it’s so easy to dismiss them. They can have an energy attachment of sorts where they drain your power. That’s what i learn.