How do I stop calling spirit when I sleep?

Hi, I often call one spirit when I sleep and I don’t know how to stop doing it. Every help is welcome. Please sorry for the bad English.

You call a spirit while sleeping?

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How exactly are you doing it?

Do you dream about invoking a spirit or how exactly?

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I have the same problem. What works for me is to stop thinking about it, by either finishing off the main thought you’re having about that particular spirit, then start thinking about something else that is not related to the spirit, that you’re really passionate about.

Perhaps there’s a person you really like, think about what you will be doing next week, plan the week out in your head, day by day, sing song lyrics in your head, relive happy memories in your head or just get lost in a thought of something that really entertains your mind (besides the spirit).

Giving thought to spirits can call to them, as you’re energetically feeding them this way. I have a problem with obsessiveness which often causes me to accidentally call spirits when sleeping because I obsess over them, even the bad ones.

If the above advice doesn’t work, then maybe verbally set boundaries with these spirits, say something out loud like “once I close my eyes and go to sleep, I do not wish to be disturbed in any way, shape or form by any spirit, at all”. Something to that effect usually does the trick for me.

Best of luck with controlling it. I can, so you can too.


I walk around the apartment during sleep and invoke.

Thank you so much for your help.

That’s okay. Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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If you do this, then perhaps there’s a deeper lying issue like stress which is causing you to sleep walk, you could put something next to your bed that would make you trip and wake up or listen to relaxing music when you fall asleep, there’s many videos on youtube of relaxing music of varying lengths, most of which contain delta waves which would put your mind to sleep and help you to de-stress and stop sleepwalking.

Another alternative is to buy either pills or gummies containing melatonin, the sleep hormone.

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Thank you. Can I send you a pm?

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Sure, my inbox is always open :slight_smile:

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Embrace it

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Probably not the worst advice to give if they’re really evoking/invoking entities in their sleep :grimacing: :laughing:

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