How do I scry to summon spirits?

I’ve been very interested in Lilith lately I’ve been trying to read all the best books that talk about her( go read Embracing Lilith by Mark H. William it’s my new favorite that talks about her Which basically tells the story by her perspective)

But anyways I want to know how do I actually see spirits in the mirror? I’ve been trying to visualize her sigil while calling her Enn am I doing this wrong?


Are you at all familiar with the concept of structuring an Astral Matrix?


Uh, no I never heard of it to be honest

Ahh, a bit complicated but basically you begin with an image already in mind (What E.A. calls the magical imagination) in this case of Lilith.

When you see that name what image appears in your mind? What does she look like? What color is her hair? What’s she wearing? (If anything.) What’s the expression on her face?

And as you gaze into the mirror (bowl of water, fire) Not at it, that image begins to become clearer and more solid, to the point you can no longer tell if it’s still just in your head or in the mirror, there are no differences between those concepts any more.

That’s structuring an Astral Matrix and scrying.


I’m very interested in this… can you recommend any books on the subject of scrying or the astral matrix in general?

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The concept is interwoven through most of E.A.'s books and youtube videos, so Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness i guess, off hand i can’t name any other author specifically but assuming many speak of the same thing using different terminology. :thinking:

Most of my higher insights on it have come directly for working with a spirit on it, that would be Mepsitahl. Lovely girl, excellent tutor on the subject.

No problem, i hope that bit of information has given you another piece of the puzzle to help win the game we’re all playing called WTF. :+1:


As soon as you think of the spirit an image will pop in to your mind then project that image in front of you of in a mirror chant its name till its sold.

but how do you know its not a thought form or is that rare?


You ask them to show their I.D. Obviously. :expressionless:

But seriously you do begin asking questions, if your only getting what you want to hear than it’s most likely you’re own internal dialogue, however if your receiving things you haven’t thought of before or wouldn’t have than that’s the spirit speaking.

One of the benefits of doing this on a regular basis is you’ll come to know the difference between how you think vs how a spirit does very well, you’ll start to noticed things like you don’t use a particular vocabulary and damn sure do not think at all like what your in communication with.


:smile: I know that but the image of the spirit is still see through and fluctuate I cant get a straight answer from the spirit

like what I said in the first post :point_down: that’s how you explained right or em I missing some thing



Consecrate a mirror, draw astaroths sigil on the back of the mirror, then evoke astaroth to bless the mirror for scrying. Use this when scrying for spirits in a ceremonial setting. Works for some and not others. Try not to look at details, you need to gaze, stare at the space in between the mirror and you, then project the image that comes to mind into the mirror(just imagine it being there and try to combine what you imagine and what you see)

“The two must become one to perform the miracle of the one thing”


When you get the spirits image in your mind do you project it on the mirror first before going in to trance?
sigil flashes then go to the mirror project the image on the mirror before you get it fogs?

if that makes cents

Just wear the sigil around your neck, for about a week and then BAM

You summoned the in a astral projection

Or you can build the fire :fire: and rise it to your eyes from the inside, fill your room full of smoke :dash: and watch it walk threw the wall.