How do i remove blockages

I need a spell to remove blockages.

You could start by taking purification baths (salt added to water), and if possible consult a reiki master who could cleanse your aura and chakras. You could also try doing it yourself by visualizing bright blue light around yourself.

And there’s that spell I once came across; you wash your hands while visualizing all negativity, all blockages (in love, money, career, relationships, health, etc.) go away with the water—visualize the water being black, filled with all impurities until it becomes grey and then pure white. Then the spell is done!


All barriers are perceived, but no barriers are true. What you see as a barrier, is only something you have to work through. There are no walls, only the open expanse, even if the fog hides the distant sights.


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Blockages could be in i form of a test.

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Command the powers of darkness to incinerate all obstacles from your path.

Visualize fire literally distorting all things that are in you way. Then imagine you accomplishing what you really want.

If you seriously focus very hard, you will literally feel the shift in your energy and you will see the will of YOUR absolute truth.

You have to be completely convinced that all blockages are destroyed.


evoke vine.


what i have seen people in groups in in. they did an unblocking or road opener candle spell

You can also use energy working techniques to get them out.
A general one that should be safe is to visualise a metal comb running through your energy bodies, combing out all the lumps, as it were.

Start with teeth an inch apart and graduate down as you feel. Visualise that the lumps are pushed down into the ground where the energy can be recycled by the Earth, which prevents it from settling back into place.