How do I remember dreams?!?!?!

As some of you know, I went to the bootcamp to meet EA for 3days recently. I made direct contact with the following entities.

Belial- evocation
Azazel- evocation
Aphrodite -summoning
Mammon- evocation & Money Spell & Blood Talisman & Invocation
Ogun- Possession
Chemosh- invocaction
Pazuzu- invocation
Komana- invocation
Eshman- invocation
Baal Zebub- invocation
Yam Nahar- Invocation
Elemental Spirit of Water- Summoning
Elemental Spirit of Air- Summoning
Black Serpent- Summoning
Personal Spirit named Boontal- Evocation

So EA basically told me by bringing forth so many entities at once, extreme changes in my life will occur. My third eye wont close, and it keeps me up at night. Every time I close my eyes I automatically feel the urge to go into trance. It literally feels like a golf ball is sitting in my forehead most of the day… and it is so thick and present… Now I am having extremely lucid dreams every night, last night I remember actually performing magickal workings in my sleep, but I can’t remember my dreams and it is driving me crazy, but even though I know my subconscious mind is receiving these messages, I really would love to know from who, and what information is being given to me. Does anyone know GOOD means of dream recollection!!! Please [email protected]!


@Lady_Eva any past threads on this? I have been getting these dreams for 3 nights. So intense and all about magick but i cannot recall what the information actually was after i awaken. This is driving me nuts. Help me if possible please :weary:

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Do you wake up any afterwards in the middle of the night with them fresh on your mind? If so, keep a voice recorder by your bed (easier than having to journal when you’re half asleep). When you replay it in the morning, your memory of the dream should be jogged by the recording and then you can journal everything that you can remember down to the fine details. Journaling dreams daily helps with your ability to recall them because the practice strengthens the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind hence the communication line between the two.


Seriously, the easiest method in the world is just tell yourself that you’ll remember your dreams as you’re lying in bed and as soon as you wake up write down anything you can remember. Even if you remember nothing, write that you don’t remember anything. Within 2-3 days I’ll start to remember lots of dreams. Just note, you stop doing this and you’ll start to forget dreams again.


Thanks BALG brethrens!

The gnostics have a method: after waking, try not to open your eyes. Then mentally repeat this mantra: RAOM GAOM. For me recording your dreams in the morning works great. You start by just remembering vague images. Before you know you will be filling pages up. Hope this helps.


It’s on the “tip of your tongue” so to speak ahaha. Maybe try some mugwort?

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Writing down your dreams every morning, even if you cannot recall them you write that down anyway. Setting up the habit will increase your dream recall. I use Lucidity it’s a free app that is great for people who are lucid dreaming.

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I can give you a charm for this.

For this you’ll need a wand. Not any slap dash piece of multi purpose stick used for stirring, hitting or whatever, but a specific implement that has been set aside for this purpose. Being of the school that it’s better to craft your own magical tools as far as possible, I would recommend that you make your own. Ash works really well as a magical multi purpose wood. Do not use rowan if you have a habit of working maleficium. Do not use Whitethorn. Do not use blackthorn (which is wood sepecific for maleficium).

It helps to give your wand a name to establish a personal relationship with it.

Next, just before going to sleep, sit in a posture conducive to meditation, enter into the theta / gamma synch and visualize yourself dreaming, remembering your dream, waking up and writing down your dream. Build energy, feeding your visualization and at the peak speak the Latin words “recordatusque somniorum” while bringing your wand down from above your head to touch your Ajna chakra.

When you wake up, make sure you do not immediately fall asleep again but make it a point to repeat the above procedure before writing it directly down in a dream journal which you should keep beside your bed with a pen.

Do this consistently over the course of a few nights and remembering your dreams will become automatic.

Works for me.

P.S burning clary sage as an incense or essential oil before sleep can also help with this process.

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A member on here posted a method but I lost the data I saved and he went back and edited it out (this was the old forum) - I seem to recall you sit at the end of the day and note down everything that happened, to get your mind used to consecutively recalling events.

But I lost the stuff, sorry! :neutral_face:


haha no problem. I am going in for a surgery tomorrow so I probably wont be remembering much for the next week or so lol.

Noble Drew Ali of the Moorish Science Temple of America said that “If you have a dream and you forget what you dreamed, to remember it, place your forehead face down on your pillow, and you will remember it.”

It has actually worked for me.

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thats a different one lol… I will try that.