How do I psychologically seperate my thoughts away from a spell I'm very involved in

I cast a money spell and a spell against those who have wronged me in the past

Hey man. Tough one!

Obviously it’s easier if you are performing magick for someone else, or if trying to enhance your already decent life.

When you NEED the cash it’s tough. One way to approach that is to put yourself in a mindset of having the cash, or being 100% certain that it’s coming. Being thankful that it worked.

Like: “Fewww what a relief that’s done. Cash is coming, now I can focus on something else.”

When you start thinking about your need, just remember that the spirits are working on it. Be thankful or simply acknowledge that your spell is set in motion and that you just want it to do it’s thing.

Works for me. It’s also a perfectly valid approach for working with Archangels, Jinn and Spirits of the Goetia.

You impress your need upon the spirits with a statement and mental impressions. Next, at a later stage of the spell, you impress your gratitude and faith in the spirits.

It is done!
So mote it be!

… that kind of thing.


Now as for the people who have wronged you, that one is easy.

It’s a curse.

During your Operation you need to let it all out and spend every drop of emotion you have for these people. (One at a time! One curse per person.)

That kind of emotional outlet is almost guaranteed to drain you.

Check out Baneful Magick by EA Koetting for the details.

Once the operation is done, you will naturally want to do something else, and forgetting about this type of magic is easier than with money.

When you start thinking about your victims, just disconnect yourself from it. It is no longer your concern. You are no longer tied to these people. They’ll get what they deserve and you don’t have to spend your energy on them any more.

EDIT: Most often than not, cursing is way more therapeutic than baneful. Letting it all out and exhausting your hate, means just that: no more hate. You might have to repeat some curses when people have really messed you up. Shit like rape, molestation, torture make it really hard to stop hating someone, so you might have to curse repeatedly until they are dead or gone. Most of the time, for your run-of-the-mill asshole waste-of-air morons, a single curse is more than enough.


At the moment, I cannot even afford the right candles. Using white candles I had vs. nothing, I figured that its the heat energy PLUS the spirits ARE there, but though I’m obsewrvant that hey are present in my makeshift temple, I cannot do anything but ask, ask, ask. How do I hear them, despite feeling like my brain is breaking the speed of sound and only accelerating. I do have a post up for my “get to know my” intro. If it reads hard or is not sequential or logical, please advise asw to such.

For the meantime, I’.m just gonna do what I can with what I can. White candles to perform black magic? Or brown. green or red… they are powerful, but will they help me form not using the correct candle color? Or is the spirit of the ritual?

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Screw the candle color. That’s just a “nice to have”.
Forget all the fancy shit you don’t have and remember the amazing, super fancy magick props you actually have: Your will. Your intent.

How you reach out to spirits in earnest is more important. How you communicate your desires is key.

If you believe the spirits are there and you make an effort to make your spell time very special and sacred to you, then the all of existence won’t be able to stop your will from manifesting.

Do what feels legit and genuine to you.

Erase doubt and trust that your calls are heard.


Thank you so much! I know now how to set up my temple, albeit my bedroom, but everything else is going somewhat well, its the impatience of the spell working that I need to see, especially in light of the ways of others.

Of course in Erik Koetting is a tremendous resource. When do the podcasts happen?

Please understand if I ask a lot of questions… but you answered and guided me to not worry about the candles color so much until I can buy some… Thank You Rahnoren! You can call me “OPTO”. Long version:“OPTOILLION” I think its a good name for my practice. Your take?

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I’m just happy to help.

EDIT: Regarding the podcasts, not sure. It usually coincides with a new Become A Living God book / course release. Yeah they are pretty cool.

OPTOILLION … I think it’s awesome. The word Opto makes me think of light as in optoelectronics.

Ra, being the Sun god and the inspiration for my own name, you can imagine I have nothing bad to say about someone using “Opto” in their name.

Optoillion. Pleasure to meet you!

I think if you PM @LadyEva she might be able to change your profile name to your magickal name.

Up to you.