How do I manifest Money?

How do I manifest more money? Spells I look up Say that I need all these different stuff but can’t I just use a green candle?

Money magick works, but more so than representations of wealth or items its a change in mindset, corny I know. With all forms of magick to obtain results you must let go and think it’s already accomplished. Same with money magick, if you truly believe its comimg its coming. The trick being to start small and build each amount. Another technique is simply the visualisation of wealth flowing towards you, have multiple streams coming in like how the Amazon river flows (or “cough” the company amazon is successful since it has multiple outlets for consumers" candles and such are only representations of focus towards a goal.
Never assume its coming in only one way, its not how it works, be realistic in the amount i cant stress that enough.


Gotcha! Thank you!

don’t think about hard cold cash money. Think in terms of ways it can come to you. It might not be in the form of actual money. Besides, you dont’ want to think of money. most money spell focus on the energy of money not the actual money. It focus on the application of money and what it will do for you. you focus on things that make money not on money.