How do i make my own spells?

I know it sounds really stupid that I don’t know how but I really don’t know how to make my own spells. Can someone help me out please?

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Lol i don’t either. Maybe you could take certain things from other spells and make it your own ?

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I have tried doing that but it doesn’t seem to work ;-;

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Maybe you need more energy or a stronger will

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What tradition do you want to work the spells under? Spells implies low magik, so, it’s probably earth based?

A spell basically grounds your will into reality. The most common form is sympathetic magik.
This kind of magik does that by combining your will - intention - and something physical to link your will through to the subject of the spell.
This physical thing could be a spoken poem or song or an object.

E.g. starting with your desire to say, stop a person speaking badly of you, you then take a representation of that person as a small doll and in your mind, decide that that representation IS the person - then wind chains, yarn to represent rope around the mouth and limbs of the doll, while stronly intending that they are bound from speaking against you. The action and doll together ground your will into reality, and the link transfers it to the person.

Adding herbs and spices and other items to strengthen the link or bring in new energies changes and enhances the working.

So to make your own spell in this way, first know what you want, then decide what links you have and how what you want will be represented for the working. Then bring it all together with your intention and action.


Thank you so very much

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I will try that thanks

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You can work with candles!
Look up what each colour is good for!
Look up how to make sigils!
Look up what herbs and oils goes with your intentions!
Look up what planet/spirit/element can add to your intention and get the symbols or sigils of that!
Add all that to your chosen candle! Light it and meditate with it!
If you are adding planets then check the day and time you need to cast the spell at!
I use this website

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Spellwork is something that comes pretty innately to me, and I’d be happy to help you write one if you have a particular goal/purpose in mind.
There are a few different schools of spellwork, so you’ll probably want to start by choosing the one that feels right to you for this goal:

  • European traditions tend to focus on words (chants, music, elemental magick)
  • american witchcraft focuses on symbolic or physical correspondences (i.e. use a blue candle because it represents healing and some lavendar for anti-anxiety, etc.)
  • finally, many covens work with a group of individuals where each represents an aspect of the spellwork (maybe your high priestess invokes the goddess)

I tend to write spellwork because that is an innate strength of mine. I know many witches prefer correspondences.

I will personally meditate and ruminate on a goal before choosing which workings to pursue. I let my intuition and guides lead me toward a path. I’ll know it’s the right path when the working “comes to me” in a flow state rather than having to seek it out. Typically this looks like a spell being typed into a note on my phone just before I fall asleep (when I’m in theta brainwaves).


Could you help me make a saying for just a spiritual boost please. I really need a boost recently

Sigils magick is a great tool.

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Gotta give me more details than that…
“Spiritual boost” is a bit like saying “help me at gym, bro” – would you like to lift heavier, run faster, or just lose some fat?
We can take the convo off the public forum if you want.

What specifically do you want?
Who are you appealing to? (Source, deities, demons, elements, etc.)
What are your struggles?

I’ll give you an example:
Looking to spark joy
My spirit guide, the fox
Enjoying life when I’m stressed out about the future

Gimme something to work off of and I’ll mull it over for you.


I’m looking for a boost of like joy and being calm. Sorry if that doesn’t help much

Python will guide you.

It helps to have a good grip on the basics of magic when you want to create something new.

If you’re new to it get those down. Afterwards it should come a little easier.

Yes and as said above. A clear goal in mind.