How do I magickally vent anger into the void without consequences?

I’m pissed rightn ow and I find myself fucking up a lot today, but I can’t say anything or else I’m screwed. I can’t leave the place I’m at, but I can find a place to be alone.

Everything I do is magickal, so how do I at least vent the anger to distract me from the fact that I keep fucking up?

In the words of MagusOfPlague, I’m THIS close to going Diavolo.

Check out Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield. There is a technique to use your anger to essentially raise the energy, separate your anger from the power and redirect it to whatever you choose to. While the book is geared more to aggressive magic, you could use the energy from your anger for different forms of magic to get the job done. Anger does not always have to harm or destroy if one takes the time to learn how to channel it for other goals



It acts as an emotional release valve.


Can’t scream. I’m in a public place.

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Stroke a pussy cat. It lowers your blood pressure :kissing_cat:

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Ground and center.

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Have you never screamed into a pillow?

Shove a jacket or a sweater into your face and scream into it.


I’ll take your advice.

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It’s easier than what I used to do when I was angry, which was to go out and kick trees. Probably less painful too :sweat_smile:


But now you have legs of steel!

Screaming is a good way.

You could also take a few deep breaths, and give that angry energy away. Give it a name and a form, then banish it. Go away Charles. See it go to the void and be absorbed into the great nothing.

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No, I have dents in my shins :joy:

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Then go and kick those trees with the back of your legs. I am sure it will fix those dents…eventually


Draw , scream, fap,


why shins? why not feet?

Different styles of kicks.


Throw a temper tantrum like when you were a kid.

You can also go to the gym or workout :+1:

Also ive notices you post quite often

There isnt really any distracting. If you feel you’re fuckin up, you feel that way. Why hide it? (At least that’s how you’re wording it)

There are no consequences for releasing your emotions like that. Or are you talking about curse magick?

Just let your emotions rise as they may, work through them and let them go.

I love this place and I want as much knowledge as I can get.

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