How Do I Learn To Trust Belial?

2 1/2 days ago I made a 33 day pact with Belial, to give a major jump start to my magick. So far the pact has gone more than amazing and what I’ve already accomplished would have taken me weeks if not months on my own, but I’m having a problem.

I can’t seem to ever trust that I’m hearing his voice, and I have this constant doubt that I’m tricking myself and secretly belong in the loony bin. I felt him, very clearly, touch me during a third eye ritual just now, and I’ve been hearing his voice in my subconscious mind for the past 4 days, but for whatever reason. I can’t seem to have any type of trust.

Everything he’s showing me is working, he’s filled me with confidence, pride, and holy shit my energy levels are off the charts, so what do I do to remove the doubt?


Use these new things you feel as proof of his existence, I’ve been through what you’re going thru all you can do is trust in yourself and keep moving forward


The removal of doubt comes with practice, but even advanced magicians like EA Koetting struggle with it sometimes, especially if what they see/hear/feel completely upends their worldview. However, it is a necessary function of the mind and never really goes away. All you can do is turn down the volume.


Coming from someone who struggles with trust, the only fix for me was time. Belial and everyone else has shown consistent reliability and at times affection and encouragement. Ask for a sign, learn to use a pendulum or other method of divination. Again time, and experience are the only ways you get to trust yourself.

The more you interact with a particular spirit, the stronger your connection with them gets. Eventually you will get telepathic communication even without ritual or evocation. Though a proper call still gets better results, or at least it has for me. Belial is wonderful and generally will tell you if he thinks your request is dumb, overly complicated, or he will refer you out to a spirit who specializes in what you want.


You can never truly trust any spirit’s words completely. You must surrender yourself to the fact that the spirits are as much a part of you as you are of them. The walls of identity blur when you work with spirits on a personal level.