How Do I Know When My Tendrils Develop?

I’ve been a vampire for a half year now, but whenever I decide to go hunt in the astral, I’m just me. Well, if you count being in a big suit of black armor “just me”. I’m working on becoming a much more feral vampire, developing astral fangs and more potent claws.

But tendrils are what interest me. How do they develop? Will I just “know”? Or do I have to build them myself?

The claw technique is my favorite by far. Matching it with a vicious bite, and one feels like a true monster. But I’d like to be able to swing a tendril around and grab another person’s lifeforce while I’m feeding.

So, thoughts? Tips?

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At first the tendrils will seem like just your imagination, but that is what they are. They are extensions of your living (magical) imagination. Start with your aura, now imagine that a tendril is forming off of it and heading to your victim. Pierce their aura with it (pierce a chakra for the good stuff) and drain them.

Works of Darkness goes over this and more.

Thanks for the answer Orismen! My favorite chakra to feed off of is the one at the base of the skull. It’s always so sweet when you’re feeding from there, anyone know why? I sure as hell don’t.

Have you read liber hirudo/book of the leech? There is a lot in that book that may interest you… it goes into when the tendrils develop and how they may evolve further.

In Quaballa the lower neck area is the link between the Ye-Chee-Da and the Ruach, sort of like the first link between the God-Self & the Lower-Self, where God energy becomes more mortal.

I imagine that would be a good place to feed indeed, kinda gives you the best of both worlds, lol.

Icarus, the thing is I don’t want to be a bloodsucking leech relying on my tendrils. I want my tendrils to be an extension of my feeding, while I’m tearing into one meal, the tendrils can fetch me another. I’m no leech, I’m a bloodthirsty bear.

Gnosis, indeed it does. Thanks for the information regarding why, though. Useful to know!

Sevarn, I have no clue if I am actually imagining it or its just the inkling in the back of my mind showing something. You already look like (to me) that you have some manner of ambient feeding ability, even online like this. Probably, your ‘tendrils’ will just turn out to be more directed focal points you will use as a full condensation of that.

Huh. Maybe it’s my training in feeding off of entire rooms of people at once? Because I’m working on that and it’s made me almost high with energy.