How do i know the name of a spirit?

Hey hi hello i noticed that a fews days ago, somebody is like trying to play with my testicles…
and i would like to know who is?
this happens almost at 12 pm also some noises here and there… and when the noises happen
i say loud who?
im not a magician i never considered my self one. i ended talking with some spirits in the past but thats another long story

Lilith told me that when i was sleeping, she was puting her ass on my face (she told me that as an insult!, when i talked with her in the past) i am saying this because i also got in my face “just that” yesterday at night, i wont say the full dialogue with lilith because worshippers would hate me, btw actually nobody has putted his ass on my face but you got the idea of how would that be… im not a pervert… just saying :sunglasses:

and also whilst i was at the pc at night yesterday i felt like somebody kissed me (the lips) all this situation without being too much into magick… well i hate getting too much into details, i dont do rituals no altars, no sigils, no chants, no drugs of any kind, nothing…
i tried a few times to contact hekate just saying her name and being relaxed also i tried to astral travel (i didnt put effort on astral travel or to have a contact with hekate to be honest)

i want to contact hekate to some questions and i personally dont think that is hekate coming from another realm just to play with my balls…
so i want to know what to do with this situation
how to know who is there?

(i will not contact lilith again…is the very end with her…)
well another question comes to my mind since i will not talk with lilith anymore
in the same topic to not spam…
why when i invocated lilith (honestly i really have no clue what i was doing) i went to sleep when i woke up
i saw a moon and a noise of a demon like a fart likely not exactly… also is there a relationship with lilith and the moon? wtf

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i mean for the very first time that i did that