How do I know if someone has used baneful cursed me

How do you know if someone has cursed you or used baneful magick against you or possibly a negative entity or parasites?

There are symptoms you can look for, such as exhaustion, lethargy, emotional extremes, a run of bad luck, depression, anxiety, small accidents, etc.

If I remember correctly, Jason Miller gives a good list of possible symptoms in his book Protection and Reversal Magick.


Is that for parasites and negative energy and or entity’s

For me personally I get depressed, lack energy, I wake up with bruises, scratches and my hair falls out.

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Would the Lbrp work for these things

Yes, the LBRP will help block it.


You would know if you offend or piss someone off. Things happen that are unexplainable. Frequent bad luck after another. Others acting weird or into the occult give you a clue if they are into magick curses.

People who curse have a certain dislike energy or attitude toward their target. They may be nice to everyone except their target. There’s a noticeable shift in attitude/energy if their target is around.

You can use logic thinking. Are anyone you know into magick or occult? Are they into heaven/ hell concept? do they believe in curses? Those that don’t believe in curses won’t curse. do they believe in magick or know knowledge of it?

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My advice is to be quite and listen. Unless there are some personal experiences to share that others could benefit from and use.

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Once you gain some experience with entities and castings, you’ll notice that strong castings can be followed. It leaves “trails” you can follow those to find where they came from. If there are group workings that are larger, you can follow those, too, if you can single in on either a person performing them or know of a “group” you can get the signature of and follow.


The symptoms vary from curse to curse. If they want you dead you’d likely get very sick provided you have no protection or if they want to destroy your relationship then you will fight with your significant other frequently.

For entities and parasites, you’ll sense a presence there

Reflection. How much of the circumstance that led you to this question were of your own intentions? How volatile were your intentions leading up to the point of capitulation? Like others have and will say, it’s mostly a feeling, a lack of control of said feeling, a series of negative events, especially that contradict efforts you set in place to the contrary. Curses are very difficult energy pathways to navigate on our own due in part to their intention to meld with the very consciousness awareness we’re hopefully attempting to circumnavigate them through. From my experience, it takes much practice and patience to do on your own and the help of a mentor or a 3rd party can be invaluable from a time perspective. Often times the very act of thinking or assuming we have a curse upon us can give way to our fears, uncertainties and doubts and in turn create/leverage the very effects we’re attempting to unroot. I believe “reflection” as the starting point is most important to the process leading to any ritual or spell. If truly cursed (and just you and not a bloodline issue) than from my experience and most notably, in my opinion, it’s either a recent interaction or your own subconscious interactions creating the undesired outcomes you’re potentially experiencing. More often than not, you on your own will not know. Spirits, demons, angels and humans can all assist in expediting the process of answering the question you asked. From there, the rituals can be best defined and carried out.

Try the Ei method, break it After that in a Glas of energysed water.,you can exorcise it to Show you the truth. Than observe how the Ei looks inside the water. Interpret it and throw it at the Crossroads or burry it without looking back