How do i know if a deity/god or goddess is williing to work with me or not?

Hi there, I need some help, and i believe this is a great place for some advice. So here we go, I came across a folk saint named San Simon aka Maximon, and have really grown so much interest in him because, he can help with all your needs and petitions. I have done all my research and background checks. I have made some offerings, and also introduced myself to him as as to get him to know me. Also due to my living situation i can’t keep an altar standing for more than a day. The problem is that, i recently, i petitioned him to help make a target submit to my seductions, i gave offerings and did it all but, nothing. I just want to know does this mean he is not willing to work with me??? Thank you

Generally the thumb rule of magic is as you gain experience, u will start to get results quicker and quicker. Petition him two more time and if it is still get zero result, then may be you can move on.

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@Goku thanks for the responses but, i have a question. Does taking down the altar of the god reduce the effectiveness of workings or hurts your relationship?

It could just be timing and the specific petition. There was a demon who I thought didn’t like me but I recently tried a connection and he told me that was silly. Try again and see. Maybe even a different petition in the future. There may be obstacles you are unaware of.

Also, not having an altar won’t hinder your results but having one definitely amplifies your connection imo.


An alter helps. Also if you have dust in ur alter than negative stuff will manifest in ur life. Just as having having saint expedite in ur alter will make stuff in ur life move quick . if you don’t have an alter you can create one in ur mind through imagination/visualization, by daily practice. Its called astral temple and is more potent than physical one.


I will answer this Emphatically. it is you who Bring the gods forth. You are their creator the creator of everything and have total power over them. though they may refuse you can constrain them. And they came from you so there is not much use in refusing and power, they, ussualy want to act.

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@AradiaX Thank you for the advice, i will certainly try again. And with a different petition.

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That is not true. I’ve seen people with dusty altars and fantastic lives.

As for contact, that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to help you. However, he may not help you with every single thing you have.

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Regarding dust in alter i am paraphrasing what Jason miller himself Said in his book, sorcerers secret. And he is respected in the occult field as much as E.A, if not more.

@Goku, the astral temple has caught my attention, i think it would be more convienent for me but, how do i get there ? By astral projection and also what about offerings do i make them physically? i would like to know more about the astral temple if you can give me some more directions. Thank you

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Being an author doesn’t make you correct.

A dusty altar isn’t going to hurt him. That’s more of a folktale, imo.

No, you built it by imagination. And doing it almost daily. Offering mentally through imagination will also work, but it will lack initially the raw force of physical offering. If u offer it mentally it has to be clear ,done with lots of attention. And as energy goes where attention flows the entity will feed on that energy.

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Lol, he is not just an author. And dusty alter does hurt , I have seen it myself.

…Neither does being a practitioner. Guess what? He’s human.

As for the altar, if you believe something will hurt you, it will. Following that will only put you in a trap. Dust isn’t going to hurt.

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Not everything depends on what one believes, there are laws which doesn’t give a fuck about one’s believe. Try not to believe in gravity and see if it works.

Dust in alter does hurt :grinning:

Ok give this one a shot: dust in an altar doesn’t hurt you.

It hurts. Personal experience.

In my opinion, everything is symbolic when it comes to spiritual work… it really depends on each person. If you pay attention to the dust on your altar then it will probably hurt your work as you said. If you don’t pay attention to it, and for you it means nothing… then probably it won’t affect your spiritual work.

Some people don’t use altars at all and they have wonderful results. Everything in spiritual work is symbolic. And symbols can affect you only if they mean something specific to you.

In some cultures, the idea of doing any spiritual work without an altar is unimaginable. And everything on the altar is sacred. This is almost a religious view, while for others altars are simply a tool in magick work. So it depends on the person, his beliefs, his culture and traditions etc


It’s not a folktale, but is a specific teaching of the Eastern systems which Jason Miller trained in where maintaining the altar is very important. His system is heavily focused on making offerings so having dust on an altar in which offerings are dedicated to a deity would not go over very well based those teachings.

However, @Goku that does not mean it will have a negative effect outside of that particular system, as @Fallen_Angel said. In my opinion, it depends hugely on the particular deity the altar is dedicated to, and the system in which it is worshiped.


One way to find out what gods want to actively work with you is to see what planets want to help you in a vedic chart. This will allow you to see what forces arw tryin to aid you in various aspects of your life.

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