How do I invoke Lucifer?

Is there anyway to invoke Lucifer with blood? If not how do I do it at all

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Research him and find what he likes and place those items on your altar. Have your questions ready. Draw his sigil and follow the ritual that has been described by Connor Kendall.
Here is my set up to invoke Lucifer:


Thank you

You are welcome. Take your time with your preparation and good luck

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Yes, use the forum search function. This question has already been answered.

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I second that. BTW what is up with all the Lucifer threads today? :thinking:


He’s making waves.


To save you some time, true ritual is performed from the heart. Not from someone else. Everyone experiences things differently. Focus on his sigil, offer your time, call on him and see what happens next.


do you use this same layout of the temple to evoke other demons as well?