How do i hear or see spirits? communication problem

one thing that puzzles me is how someone is able to hear spirits, or to have proper communication.
is it a skill? a development?

ideally I would like to have this ability ASAP. sometimes I hear it takes months, which is strange?
I think it might be possible in a few days, perhaps?

at first i thought of how to summon one, which I know now, you chant their enn and look at their sigil.
or only chant.
but i couldn’t find out if the spirit did arrive.

then I found you need to get in a trance state, or hypnogogic state.
which is something I still struggle to understand and how to do.

one problem I have is my mind gets so bored it hurts, I’m not sure why that happens, as this is something I really want to do, but my mind fries out. 20 min in of focus and its just fried.

how would i sense spirits? and how do i know they’re there? for example andrealphus, I’ve been trying to contact him, made requests, but didn’t see anything happen, I’m not sure if he heard me or he came.
its been a while i forgot about it, then remembered it, and remember the request didn’t happen.

i thought the best way of communication would have been astral projection, or if they came in my dreams. which I requested, but they never came, even had the sigil under pillow and saying it on my mind the request. didn’t really happen. ( i only saw their sigils but no communication.)

i have tried meditation, however I always seem to hit the dot on the 30 min mark every time, I cant seem to go further than that, at least without feeling discomfort.
just when i think I’ve been going for 40 min its been 30, and when I think 30 sometimes it goes to an hour. that part i haven’t figured out.

is there any links that already answers this topic?

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Hers a thread that might help. Would recommend starting with mediation so you can build up to those trance states.

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To enhance your psychic abilities, it is suggested that you practice the Middle Pillar ritual . However, it is important to note that when we say we “see” spirits, it does not necessarily mean that they will manifest physically before our eyes. Instead, we perceive them through sensing their energy.

If you diligently follow this path, it is likely that you will eventually be able to hear spirits. However, it requires extensive practice to achieve this level of proficiency.

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How long do you think it takes to see improvement? I myself have been working magic, and even getting results, all the while never seen, or spoken to a spirit

i recommend that you read “Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies” by Jason Miller, as he provides detailed explanations regarding this matter. During rituals, it is crucial to focus on the most significant aspect: the desired outcome.

Just because you do not physically see or feel spirits does not mean they are not present in your surroundings. This is because your perspective is projected onto the objective reality.

If you wish to accelerate your progress, it is beneficial to practice techniques from high magick, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP), Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (LIRP) to master all the elements, Lesser Hexagram Ritual (LHR) to master all planetary energies, Middle Pillar (MP), and Ritual of the Solar Cross (RS). Mastery of these rituals will greatly aid your progress.