How do i give offerings?

So im thinking about invoking lucifer in about a week
And i was wondering how offerings work
Cause i would like to give an offering to lucifer
I know it’s not necessary to give offerings to lucifer but i would still like to give him an offering
But how does it work if i give him wine and some chocolate is it just a symbol of respect or can lucifer actually consume the offering somehow.
And if anyone knows any offerings lucifer likes pls tell me. Pls explain how im supposed to give the offering, thanks

Ask Lucifer.

Some may have a preference as to how they want it offered. Some like them burned, others buried etc.

Well lets hope i can hear him then cause its my first invocation and i have done 3 evocations before and didn’t hear him or feel him wich is why im trying out invocation for the first time soon.