How do I give offerings to spirits?

How do I give an offering? I don’t have an altar. I mean I do but its a religious one set up by family members and I think the spirit will take offense if I put it there. I also can’t leave it lying around the house as someone will just clear or consume it. Suggestions?


i never give anything! “material” offering
i usaually give! “love, honor, dedication, concern” etc

Good on you

some people have an offering plate that they place food on for a couple of hours or 24 hours and then dispose of as they see fit (you could just bring your plate and offering to a forest, leave it, then return the next day or something), some people just carve a sigil of the spirit’s into the food and then eat it (easy and discreet)


If its a demon i just put their sigil in front of the offering then recite their enn.

Lucifer says that it’s hard for an offering to be received without the sigil in front of it.

Since the sigil acts like a portal or doorway.


What a serendipitous moment, I thought about this few times today.

Does this work across the board? How would you handle if a demon asks something tangible?

Can you make a temporary altar? It could just be a window ledge - nothing grand.
Check out Crowley 777 for correspondences or look online. Fruit, meat, images it all depends on the spirit.