How do I get what I want?

Hello I’ve been away from this forum for about 2-3 months. I asked someone to help me contact Lucifer they did and Lucifer said that I was one of his chosen ones. That I was close to him. That I didn’t choose him he chose me, that I will learn how to use mental magik.That I will get everything they said I couldn’t have and that I will destroy my enemies. Well a couple months has passed and nothing has happened so maybe Lucifer lied to me. I feel that I’m alone in this journey to turn my life around. If that’s the case then fuck it I’ll do it myself. Here’s the thing how do I do that. I have depression which sucks the energy and will out of me. Anxiety attacks happen once and a while. I’m turning 20 tomorrow. And refuse to live my 20s like this. I hate the way I look I would consider myself too skinny and fashion isn’t really a thing I grasp. My social is okay, romantic life is non existent, but I’m starting school in August so it’ll get better then.I hate myself I’m a skinny guy, I know I have emotional problems and I do tend to see life as a black or white. I look into the mirror and I see a loser, but I also see raw potential energy, and a god amongst men. I feel every emotion under the moon. More so I have SO much pent up anger and am seeking revenge on every and I mean EVERY person in my life who didn’t see potential in me and overlooked me. I want to become someone and just shit on them with success. How do I this? I know this is long but if anyone can help me please. I considered suicide, but to be honest I know if I get my shit together I can really turn this world into my little Eden. I just need to figure it out. Any suggestions advice can and will help. My dms are open too just Incase Anyone wanted to personally give me a tip or whatever. Anyways thank you.


You need to put in work too, not just hoping lucifer will grant your wish. He will help and guides you to get there, he’s not the one doing all the stuff, but you.

If you hate the way you look, then change yourself. Go to gym so your body get muscular, get new clothes, maybe a help from a friend since it’s not your Forte.

YOU need to make a change on yourself if you want a better version of you. Or get a Genie bottles idk


What you have to learn is you will get those things IF you work.
Did you do ANYTHING after talking to him? If not then thats why you got nothing. They don’t just give you, they assist you. You want to look better then you have to go to that gym and eat right and they will give you the motivation to go or the drive.


If you want to learn magick, then you can do that. Like any other skill, you need knowledge and practice. Spirits will help you if you’re willing to help yourself. They’re not lying and not telling the truth… they tell you the best possibility they can see, but it’s up to you and me to decide and take action if we want to change our lives.

You have the will and desire, you only need to focus on the right direction and you’ll get what you want in life. There is nothing that could stop you from having it all. Start by mastering your own thoughts and emotions and the whole world will follow your blueprint. But you need to take the first steps and keep moving on. Don’t wait for anything or anyone.

Learn magick, practice it… keep doing it until you reach your goals. That’s all there is to it. Do you have specific goals in your mind? A vision for what you want to achieve ? Success and revenge are great but how you see those happening in your life? Those are not goals… be specific. Write it all in a list and keep it for yourself. That’s your purpose in life. Your bible. Start taking action until you get each and everything you want in that list by using everything you know, everything you can do.

Change doesn’t just happen… we create that change. Spirits only help but they follow our blueprint. They’re not our creators. If anything, it’s probably the other way around! The forum here is full of resources for anything you wish to learn, to get almost anything you want. Search, ask, listen and practice. While you’re doing that, you will see change happening… everyday you’ll learn something, you’ll get closer to what you want. Then sooner or later, it will be all done.

Here is a list of resources/books that I personally recommend :

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy
  • Resurrection - Neville Goddard
  • The Divine Matrix - Gregg Braden
  • The Kybalion - The Three Initiates

The Above books will teach you how magick really works - in my opinion! - so you would understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it when you’re performing any magickal ritual or spell. Next, I suggest you get these books - short cuts to magick for fast results with minimum effort/rituals…

You don’t need them all , check the reviews and content on amazon and pick the ones you need :

  • Demons of Magick - Gordon Winterfield
  • Magickal Attack - Gordon Winterfield
  • Magickal Angels - Damon Brand
  • The Greater Magickal Angels - Damon Brand
  • Magickal Servitor - Damon Brand
  • The Master Works Of Chaos - Adam Blackthorne
  • Demons of Wrath - Corwin Hargrove
  • The Magickal Influence - Corwin Hargrove
  • Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics - Michael Furie

Special/Advanced Resources :

  • Baneful Magick - E.A Koetting
  • Divination and Black Magick Courses - E.A Koetting
  • High Magic: Theory & Practice - Frater U.:D.:

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Thank you so much, glad that you find it helpful :blush: