How do I get rid of horrible luck?

Hi….I’ve had horrible luck my entire life. Same as my mother….and her mother…and her mother. But my entire life I have gone through the same thing as them.

I’ve lost several jobs. I can’t keep a job past three weeks. Just lost another job just two weeks ago for no reason.

I have horrible luck in literally every area of my life. My mother is the same way. Our two ancestors have passed on now but their lives were the same way…filled with pain and bad luck.

I have been working months to get this curse or hex or whatever it is off of me. I’ve done Damon Brand’s Master Protection, Sword Banishing, and Cancel A Curse triple method, I’ve done several candles for months (with St. Michael) and the Solomonic pentacles…and I still continue to have horrible luck. Like I said…I just got fired two weeks ago at the worst possible time. And I’m still getting rejected from every job. And any possible romantic prospects are still rejecting me…like they have my entire life.

I’m at a complete list at what to do. If things continue like this…I will seriously consider suicide as an option.

Someone please help…I have literally nothing.

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It cold be a generational curse, one that is on your bloodline rather than you personally.

In this post the goddess Wadjet is said to be able to help… Breaking A Generational Curse - #6 by Lady_Eva

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