How do I get possessed?

I want to evoke Bael, and ask for his power to increase my physical strength and to teach me on how to do that as well. I intend to make a pact that lasts for a while and I also intend to get possessed by him to gain his power. I was thinking I could evoke with an open wound. I’ve evoked before, but how do I get possessed?

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I’ve invoked a number of demons and made various pacts with them, the most recent being lucifuge rofocale. Personally I start by evoking a demon through scrying and then move on to allowing the demon to invoke into myself. From here just bring it to the front of your mind and hand over control. If you want his power than I’d reckoned a mental link

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Sounds easy. Thanks Zac!

Strengthen your temple first. (your body/soul mate)
Literally. With kundalini and strength conditioning.

And such

You use what type of scrying? Black mirror?